Sweet Indulgence

Rise, Marine Bay Sands, Singapore

TWG tea-infused chocolate mousse cake

Sweet Montage salted gula melaka pudding, Pickle & Fig, TTDI

KL Hilton snow skin musang king durian mooncake

'awfully chocolate' chocolate drink

I'll admit, I'm have a sweet tooth. While my need for chocolate has lessen over the years, I do find myself craving for a little bit of dessert every other day. Be it the latest craze durian musang king mooncake from KL Hilton or rich chocolate drink from 'awfully chocolate' Singapore, it's these little treats that kept me going.

What's your indulgence? 


1 kissed Nicole

  1. My indulgence? All of the above... except maybe the durian mooncake. I just had some durian chocolate the other day, and it tasted really strange...