New Beauty Trend: Pumping Oxygen into My Face?!

I don't go to beauty salon for facials often. Not that I don't believe in a good facial, but I never visited one that can do what I can't do at home.

I wanted something I can do as a monthly routine. Fuss free basic good facial. I never found one. Some of them even had worse (more aggressive and less efficient) technique than my own. Heck, my extraction tools are more advanced than theirs. Don't get my started on the pain! After a while I just called it quits and thought I'm better off performing my beauty ritual at home.

Sure I've been to fancy facials that used machines and some of those worked great. But those were borderline aesthetic rather than facial, really. i.e. micro-needling.

I'm not sure if it's the diet, the age or the sleeping pattern that drove me to accept a visit to Monz Beauty & Soul. But I haven't been completely satisfied with the condition of my face for the past half a year and I wanted a change.

Monz Mid Valley branch

I was recommended the Oxygen Jet Facial treatment that came with two masks and the procedure was going to take 2.5 hours. When I heard they also did lymphatic massage, I immediately signed up for a trial. It was the time of the month where my hormones were raging and I was ballooning up due to hormonal water retention. Lymphatic massage was the most effective method to rid of that.

I started off with the massage, and I was pleasantly surprised (and slightly impressed) that they used their home brand Celmonze body contour body oil as a massage oil. I remembered liking the scent that I asked to see the product the masseur was using. And god I LOVE her, her hands lifted my butt and toned my thighs for a week! Imagine the shock when I stared into my full length mirror that night. I remember her name being Ain?? from Indonesia. I'm going to ask for her again the next time I go.

After 90 mins I moved to the facial room for my Oxygen Jet Facial. It's meant to oxygenate my face, stimulate collagen, and reduce wrinkles up to 77%. Now I'm a true blue sceptic, so when they put a long metal instruction onto my face the first time and started "pumping" oxygen into my pores. I laughed.

"Does this really work?" I asked the beautician.
In my mind, that was the biggest baloney I've heard since bird nest.

They proceeded with two types of masks, one at the end, and I emerged from the salon with no redness on my skin despite the extraction. Sure I felt rejuvenated, as do all freshly masked faces feel.

I got home, slept, woke up the next day, looked into the mirror and thought to myself: Wow, I have amazing skin today. My face was illuminating! That's before washing my face. And I haven't felt this way in over half a year. What impressed me most was that I continued to feel that way for the entire week! But the effect lasted for a month.

                 before First session                          before Second session - one month later

                 before First session                          before Second session - one month later                                      

As of writing this I have visited Monz twice. Did a massage and two different facials. Above are photos I took one month apart before my first and second facial. Straight from the camera without editing and without make up; the difference was apparent. Even my eye bags were significantly reduced (they "pumped" oxygen into my under eyes when I mentioned my under eyes were quite a concern).

I can confidently declare I love their Oxygen Jet Facial treatment, and preferred it over the other facial treatment I received. I felt almost ashamed of my judgements prior. Whatever technique they were using, it worked on my skin.

The Oxygen Jet Facial treatment usually cost RM480 per session, they have a trial session for my readers that only cost RM48. So lucky readers you can sign up here for it, the offer last till 31st May 2017. 


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