Making Godiva Chocolate

Chocolates have been the kryptonite for women throughout the centuries that songs and poetries have been sang for them, movies made, games crated and war raged.Heck, this blog was first named after chocolate due to my obsession with chocolates back in the days.

Thankfully I've grown out of that obsession, else I would be the size of my house by now. But it's still a delightful indulgence every now and then. So when I was asked to attend the workshop of Godiva, I jumped right onto it. Knowing I would be bringing home a whole lot of Godiva chocolates I would be making was enough to get me RSVP-ing.

Long before attending this workshop I was already making homemade chocolates of my own, I would have fit right into the Valentine culture of a high school Japanese students. It was great to learn about chocolate tempering, difference between a quality chocolate and a mediocre one. Though the best part was walking away with my very own box of handmade chocolate as well as a box of Godiva Truffes (with all divinity, it was sweeping my tongue to heaven and back).

Godiva chef flown in from Hong Kong

perhaps my favourite kind of chocolate, especially when it's topped with all sorts of dried fruits. 


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