Asiatique The Riverfront, Bangkok

In a shopping metropolitan city such as Bangkok, nothing ever stays the same. Having not visited the city in a little more than two years, it should be come at a surprise that so many new attractions have sprouted during my absence.

This includes a warehouse complex that now houses 1500 boutiques and over 40 restaurants situated next to the riverfront called Asiatique. Opened in 2012.

To sum up my entire experience, Asiatique can be described as an offspring of an air-conditioned mall and chaktuchak. It's a fancier version of the open-air weekend market with a lot of shade to hide from the afternoon sun, a pretty riverfront to experience a romantic evening sunset walk and lots of food kiosks as well as sit-down dining restaurants for one to choose from. For entertainment, you can either catch a live Muay Thai show, Calypso ladyboy cabaret or take a ride up the ferris wheel.

who doesn't want to try rock salted cheese milk tea? 

it's a shop about owls!


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