The Manliest Scent: Gucci Guilty Absolute Review

Seldom I come across a scent so manly it sweeps me off my feet.
There are many mix reviews on this scent from my social circle, to my utter surprise, quite a number of them find it too overwhelming, too woody, too leathery.


If you like a manly man, this is the scent for your man. And it's not the rugged type of log-hauling boot-wearing men scent, this is much more sophisticated. I see six packs getting out of the shower and stepping into a bedroom of white clean linen, clean shaven, towering and overbearing but true blue gentleman with his tailored wardrobe. A man that screams wilderness but speaks civilization. It's so alluring my knees go weak with this scent on my man. See how many times I mentioned the word man.

Unlike the usual fragrances, the scents are simple and direct. Two top notes of wood and leather that exist simultaneously and a base note of lingering scent of cypress (Nootka Cypress to be exact). Cypress should be the natural scent of men's sweat. Just like how women's sweat should smell like strawberry.

What made this a winning fragrance is that this is a EDP - Eau De Parfum, and not EDT - Eau De Toilette. It's more long wearing and truly, having tested (not on me of course), a spritz can last the whole day, by the end of an 8 hour work day and even after a light shower, you can still smell the faint smell of cypress on the bare skin. It's unbearably attractive and gives the illusion that his body smell great naturally.

I also love the sleek design of the bottle, reminds me of a whisky flask but in glass. Very exquisite and classy. What wins me over is the price, Parfum is known to be more expensive in the fragrance world, yet it's retailed at a EDT price. Though to be fair, the Gucci Guilty Absolute EDP is not as long lasting nor as strong in scent as a traditional Parfum despite its classification. Still, you get your stretch of your buck given how little you need in each application.


GUCCI Guilty Pour Homme Absolute EDP 50ml      RM281
GUCCI Guilty Pour Homme Absolute EDP 90ml      RM374
GUCCI Guilty Pour Homme Absolute EDP 150ml    RM429


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