Mini Museum of Lyon

mini restaurant 2

This is Maxim's Restaurant, a historical building as well as a restaurant in Paris. Famous for its "Art Nouveau" interior. Read about its history here.

mini paris maxim restaurant

However, this is not the Maxim's restaurant in Paris but a 1/12 replicate of the restaurant in Lyon's mini museum. 2700 hours of handi-work.

nicolekiss and mini maxim's restaurant

This museum in Lyon showcases some of the most impressive mini-replicates of interior architecture, from really tiny fruit basket to a whole library, down to the detail of every single book on the shelves.

mini library

mini library two storeys

mini library 2

mini fruit basket

It's not just places, here you can find a lot of tiny hand crafted items. Like this amazing paper cut-out. 

paper cut out

Which is smaller than the size of a finger.

mini paper cut out

Or this Christmas tree...

christmas tree toothpick

crafted using a toothpick.

toothpick carvings

I'm posting some photos here to share. For the rest you can head to my Flickr or my facebook (if you're my friend) to see.

mini room


mini workshop

stuart little

mini paper cutouts

ants and stage
other uses for dead red ants. Yes, dress them up and let them perform. lol

quail shell carving
how do you carve an eggshell? o.O

mini carpenter's room

mini carpenter's workstation

mini dirty kitchen

mini lounge chair

mini pottery place

mini brocante decoration

mini house paper cutout

mini jail
replicate of an actual prison (can't remember which)

mini living room
a typical Parisian loft

mini museum
I wonder how long they made these mini dinosaur fossils?!

mini artish workshop
how my house would look like if I were an artist in Paris.

mini artist bedroom
how my room would look if I were a poor artist in Paris.

mini classroom

mini classroom 2

mini market place

mini fancy hat
mini fancy hat

nicolekiss with mini hats
many mini fancy hats

mini leather bags
mini leather bags

mini bags
all the accessories at the fraction of the cost lol

mini fried noodles
chow mien anyone?

mini cakes
I so want to eat that strawberry cheesecake if it were real now. It looked so real! Though so tiny.

mini orange cake
Orange cake! :D
All the mini orange slices too!


2 kissed Nicole

  1. Hahaha...artist and poor artist. :P

  2. GAAAHH!! :D :D :D All this miniature! I absolutely love :D