Les Pavés de Saint Jean

Wee Pin (my host) brought me to this restaurant frequented by the locals that served very Lyonnais food.

A search on the website shows all the worst possible ratings you can find of a restaurant.

Bad service, no smiles, rude waiters, ignorant waitresses, slow response, and ill-mannered cook.

Welp, sounds like a French restaurant to me alright.

les paves de saint-jean lyon restaurant

The thing with the French, is that they sincerely believe that only they themselves understood themselves, they know they're rude, but they refuse to acknowledge it and brushed it as being misunderstood. And they can only be understood, or made friendlier, if you speak French, else... huff, good luck fitting in my friend. 

So... welcome back to Les Pavés de Saint Jean.

les paves de saint-jean
addressed as shown, if you're interested. 

The joint was packed during lunch hour by many local French. I didn't have any problem ordering since my french-speaking host did all the work; which also meant my stay in Lyon was a lot more peaceful and smoother than my other trips in other parts of France.

My host wanted to order me this dish that's a famous Lyon food. It's some sort of fish cake/sausage thing, she told me the name and I couldn't remember especially when it's in french and involved spit action.

famous lyon fish cake sausage

lyon delicacy fish cake sausage

It's very soft, like a sausage with extremely smooth soft fish fillings. It wasn't something that's extremely delightful but it's famous only because it's a authentic Lyon dish.

A fish was ordered and no one expected an actual full fish to be served like that on a plate.


It was quite funny. Was it me who ordered it? I couldn't remember. Whoever ordered it didn't eat it. Lol.


pork platter
porky pork 

The desserts were more pleasant.

Pralines tart ^^

chocolate mousse
my favorite dessert of all time - chocolate mousse.

I had better. But I never push a good serving of chocolate mousse away.


2 kissed Nicole

  1. The first dish could be quenelles de brochet.

  2. Yup, it's quenelles... It's a must-try in Lyon whether you like it or not! :P