Le Grand Traboule

Wee Pin brought me to this place and I didn't even know the significance of it. But it was one of those creepy awesome thing I love, like being in the medieval age sort of feel.

wee pin in underground

It's called the Le Grand Traboule, according to her, the biggest passageway in old town Lyon.

lyon underground

When you're walking through some of the narrow corridors, you would feel you're in an underground dungeon, but then occasionally you spot a wall of metal mail boxes which completely threw you off.

"There are people living in this place?"

mail box area

A lady walked up against a slightly curved wall and disappeared into it!

"What sorcery is this?!"

Turned out there was a metal gate, with stairs that led up to an actual apartment.

sky view

It must be so freaky living in a place like this if the country has very bad crime rates. I would dare to head out of a snack in the middle of the night, in fear I might get robbed, stabbed, raped and killed. What with the crime rate's going on in Malaysia right now, it's a wonder I'm still alive till this day without being harassed.
Oh wait, I have been harrassed, when I was 12, or something like that. Someone grabbed me from behind on a bridge in broad daylight and I screamed my throat out. That was the last time I'm ever walking alone in my hometown. Hmph!

lyon old narrow lane

However, I'm sure it's fairly safe living in cities in France other than Paris. There's something medieval about living in a place like this, and in Europe of all places.

What about you? Would you want to live in a dungeon apartment? 


1 kissed Nicole

  1. Wow, you got grabbed when you were 12?! Scary...

    I would never live in a place like this, even in a "safe" town...I would be paranoid every time I went in or out!