Capital of Gastronomy - Lyon

sea urchin

Over the years, I figured my style of blogging has evolved, especially when it comes to travel posts.

I used to focus so much on squeezing as much information as possible into a post, putting whatever I thought was necessary (which was everything) that I wanted to share to the world and to my readers.

So I tend to create a topic with a theme to a post, and then worked from there. Hence a post could take me several hours to several days to complete. Especially with the hundreds of photos I filtered from the thousands of photos taken on each journey, and then sitting down to edit them one by one, visualizing a story line as I went.

i robot
Lyon - i-Robot

That went well till one day I realized I was travelling far more than I could write them out. And so the stories piled up, and sometimes, forgotten, or pushed to the back of my harddisk storage to be pulled out one day when it was time.

The time went from one month, to several years, before I knew it, it was impossible to cover everything I've seen, done and experienced. And so, my writing style evolved.

fancy chocolate cake
really fancy chocolate cake in Lyon bakery

Instead of uploading every photo I've taken to my blog, I began to narrow them down to one or two out of the hundreds, and share the essence, a snippet, a little sneak peek of my journey, enough to intrigue my readers to visit these countries, but not enough to let them experience everything through my blog.

And if not, allow them to play with their imagination as they read along.

Lyon has been dubbed the modern times gastronomy capital of France, surprise surprise, since most people would expect Paris to be.

What a waste of me landing in Lyon since I'm not a foodie at heart, but I could see why Lyon was famous for its food.


Everything you think the best of France could be found here in Lyon.

Truffles, foie gras, oysters, pastries, etc.

99 euro salmon
99 Euro Salmon

foie gras
Foie Gras (goose liver)
I miss having one of these in my fridge. Though to be precise, I should have put it in the freezer. 


I only ever like and will only ever like chocolate macaroons. 

dessert in cups
Every cup of French sins

petit chocolates
Le petit chocolat

foie gras pate and avocado
No translation needed here. 

foie gras de canard entler
Duck liver pate (yes, I can read that in French, lol)

If anything, my heart stopped when my eyes saw the take-away of the century.

sea urchin take away
glorious sea urchins, or in Japanese, uni.
freshly halved and ready to be eaten.

See the size of this package against my head?! It's massive!

pastry nicolekiss

Now if only we have something like that back home. 


2 kissed Nicole

  1. wow, those foods look so delicious leh~

    how much the price ya?

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  2. that's chocolate cake??? lol. i thought it was a pin-cushion. interesting, indeed!