Healthy Diet Plan - lose 2 lbs in 2 days.

If you're going for a weight loss regime, then it's a good idea to take note of what you put in your mouth.

I'm not saying my idea of a diet is the best, but to certain extend, it is still healthier and more efficient than a lot of the diet plan out there. No drugs. No short cuts. Do take note however, that losing weight that fast is never healthy. But if you are in a hurry then this would be your best (healthier) option.

The fastest way to weight loss is to lose all carbs. Completely.

Though if you're not used to it, doing that can deprive you real quick. So my plan do consist of lots of complex carbs (i.e. salads & fruits) and rid of all simple carbs (i.e. bread, pasta, rice).

This diet helped me in losing 1 kg in 3 days with exercise (@ Fitology).
Though in all honesty I didn't do that much effort in the first day and wasn't really watching what I ate, so technically I lost 2 lbs in the last 2 days.

1. Drink lots of Water!

Minimum says 8 glasses a day. That's the minimum.
If you really want to lose weight, double that amount. Yes, that's right, that means 16 full 240ml glasses a day.

Honestly I didn't even manage to drink that much during the days I lost this weight, but you'll be surprised by 'upping' the amount of water you drink a day, your body will be flushed out all the toxins and fats before you even begin exercising.

2. Count your Calories.

I know it's tedious, but you won't have any idea the junk you put in your mouth till you start taking note of every single item you scoff down.

If you're using a smart phone, this app is very useful to help you keep track: MyFitnessPal

just a snapshot I've taken from a web

Although I might contradict myself when I say this, and only because if you're in a rush to lose weight in a short period of time, whatever the reason, limit yourself to only 800 calories a day (that's a bare minimum). 

Here are some of the food I ate in the 3 days period (calorie intake decreases in the last 2 days).

healthy breakfast
Scramble eggs with salmon bits (little butter)
Fresh salad with little wafu dressings
Sauteed mushrooms (1/2 tsp olive oil)
Calorie count: 473 

strawberry shake - fitology
Banana strawberry smoothie (no yogurt no milk)
Calorie count: 154 
(this can be reduced to 94 calories if you remove the banana, which is carb, and just blend two cups of strawberries)

sashimi platter - mikan
Sashimi is better than meat, since it doesn't require oil to cook so it's the better choice on a diet to obtain protein. 
Calorie count :  205 (based on 5 pieces of salmon sashimi) 
(Tai a.k.a. red snapper sashimi is half the calories; Tilapia less than half)

low calorie breakfast
Poached egg with plateful of salad (little dressings)
Calorie count: 185

healthy snack
Healthy snack/lunch choice
Fresh blueberries with yogurt
Calorie count: 150
(replace yogurt with plain yogurt for lesser calories)

Another option is 2 tbsp of plain yogurt + 1tbsp of mix fruit yogurt + blueberries/pineapples/strawberries/cherries for best flavour. 

3. Interval Training

Yes, you might think it's too short of a time to have it take effect, believe me, it makes a difference. 

jacobs ladder - fitology

Fitology (my fitness centre) had me with a personal trainer that put me through a 30-45 minutes of non-stop interval training that could burn up to 450 calories within 40 minutes. You can do it on your own if you don't have a personal trainer, youtube for effective 30 mins interval training. Then go into sauna for 30 minutes right after to continue the boost of calorie burn. On one session you can burn up to 650 calories. Exercise also helps tone your body and keeps your body in active mode throughout the day (a.k.a. helps burn calories better).

Imagine if you only consume 800 calories a day, you burn off 650 calories of that by working out, and you need a general 1800 calories to keep you active throughout your day, with enough water to flush out toxins, you're effectively burning more than 1650 calories a day (water helps with the extra). 

That's half a pound worth of calories per day right there (considering 1lb = 3500 calories).

It worked for me. Try and let me know how it turns out for you. 

Good luck. 


8 kissed Nicole

  1. Wow! But. I. have. no. willpower. :|

    By the way, what are the orange-coloured slices on your scrambled egg, and lower down, on your salad?

  2. Sherrie: especially the yogurt, they're delicious!
    WP: a few slices of cheddar cheese (hehe, sins i can't live without)

  3. Hello,
    The population is increasing in the same way the diseases are also increasing. Actually now a day people don’t have the time to take care of their health. But as I went through your posting I found many useful tips which to be consider in our day to day life for the betterment of our health. I really like the posting and should suggest everyone to be careful about their health…
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  4. I use my fitness pal to keep track on my calories and how much I eat but I've been naughty this week and have slimming world tomorrow evening to hopefully lose 2 pounds by then not sure is possible but guess I'll find out!

  5. I use my fitness pal to keep track of how much I eat its so good and you don't feel the need to lie on it because it's only you that sees it I've been naughty this week and get weighed at slimming world tomorrow hopefully lose two pound by then not sure if possible but guess I'll find out!

  6. I use my fitness pal to keep track on my calories and how much I eat but I've been naughty this week and have slimming world tomorrow evening to hopefully lose 2 pounds by then not sure is possible but guess I'll find out!