How to lose 1kg in 3 days

in the terms of the americano... how to lose 2 lbs in 2 days.
Yes, I actually did lose 2 pounds in 2 days because the first day I didn't really try that hard, read on...

recovery - fitology

It was a goal I told myself I would achieve no matter what, personal reason aside.

It all happened when I started my visit to Fitology after someone introduced to me on facebook, and then I noticed other people whom I knew who went for it and was really achieving results.

It was all good timing and the very next day I walked in to Fitology at Jalan Riong in Bangsar with my gym wear to get my very first work out regime. *impulse* I have NEVER ever been that proactive when it comes to gym, but it's hard to ignore when friends you know are losing pounds and inches off their facebook statuses in such short period of time!

First they set me up with a personal trainer (hi Jason!) and put me through a series of cardiovascular work-out for 30 mins moving from one machine to the next without stopping. It was rather easy and by the time I started to catch my breath, 30 mins was up. 

pull lever - fitology
Reminded me of the time when I was a prefect in high school and I had to stand in front of everybody in assembly to raise the flag. lol. Only this must be a 50 meter-high flag cause it was so heavy!

jacobs ladder - fitology
Jacobs Ladder, it's like the ladder in your nightmare when you climb and climb and can never reach the top and if you slow down you will sink further down into hell. The faster you climb the faster the ladder will sink. o.O This was a bit challenging for me but still manageable.

Then like reading my mind, Jason (my PT) gave me the ultimate of my nightmare - planking.

planking - fitology

If there's one thing I really hate doing (well, two things, or three, I hate push-up too), it was planking.

I can't plank to save my ass.

This was me after 30 seconds of planking.

tired from planking - fitology
pile of slob *limp* 

planking aftermath - fitology

training abs muscle - fitology
I thought the worse was over till Jason discovered and added another thing to my list of "things Nicole cannot do". This was to train my side abs, muscles I seldom use. Well if they're muscles I don't have, how was I going to lift the machine to train fml

After the first intense 30 minutes of workout, it's all chill and relaxation after that (though 'chill' might not be appropriate word used here).

You stripped naked and stepped inside this FIR (far infra-red) sauna room and read your magazine, drink water and relax.

FIR Sauna - Fitology

FIR Sauna - Fitology

Unlike normal sauna, this dry sauna uses the good rays of sun that help you lose weight, minus off all the bad UV rays, etc. I vouched for this because I have a friend who once sun-bathed for one whole week under the sun by the beach in her Europe trip and lost 5kg in that week, just like that!

I lost a further 200 calories just sitting for 30 minutes reading magazines and drinking water, and wiping the sweat away with readily prepared towels. Cool eh?

When it's done, it's to Step 3 - Enjoy your smoothie.

The friendly people at Fitology prepared a low fat low calorie super delicious smoothie for me to enjoy. It's my favorite time in the whole session, for obvious reason.

strawberry shake - fitology
Strawberry and banana, super yummy! Though after finding out I was on a no-carb diet, they prepared my smoothie without the banana the next two days with other fruits. Super considerate!

Step 4 - lie down, rest and get a massage.

You heard me right.
They call it sports massage.
I've been to enough beauty centers to know that it's a slimming massage; and received enough massages to know that the female massuist really knew what she was doing and she's GOOD. She targeted all my lymphatic points to help me lose my most concerned problem - water retention. I have a heavy bottom and according to her, it was all due to long term sitting that caused a severe water retention problem in my lower body. :( I wish I knew this earlier.

After my time ended in Fitology, I consulted my heart rate calorie counter machine and this was how much I've burnt in my first day.

calorie counter - fitology
449 calories! From the 30 mins workout and the 30 mins sauna. Not bad for an hour's effort. It was like an introductory session so I wasn't even really trying.

After that, I asked them to push me harder, so I went back for the second and third day (back to back). A lot more intense but it was worth it.

heart rate watch - fitology
Calories burnt the second day.

I controlled my diet, limiting to really low calorie and minimal carb (only raw vege), no fried, no sweets, and a consistent 3 meals a day.

On the third day, I weighed myself after my massage and I already lost 1kg!
Since my body will only show the real weight lost after a day or two, I actually lost more than 1kg from those three days of work out.

mootto dress korea
The result the following day. My legs got significantly toner, slimmer and my tummy was almost gone. I didn't weigh myself because I don't own a weighing machine but I sure felt great!
Dress from Mootta, Korea.

Thanks Fitology for the best gift I receive this year. I will be going back for more till I achieve my ideal weight.
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  3. You don't already look good? You're kidding me?