Going on a 5 weeks hiatus soon...


To make the happenings in my life short...

I recently just got into top 10 of some model search that would take me away from my home for a month and one week. Locked up away with 9 other beautiful girls in a secretive place for many weeks to train and undergo various activities, and to travel overseas for training as well. 

In this time, I have to lose up to 8kg. *gasp*

Lord help me. 

Well I wasn't specifically asked to. But when they mentioned a minimum of 5kg, I know I have to go more. Ideally, after comparing with the other girls, it would be great if I could lose a further 10kg. You might think it's a lot, but at my height, a couple of kilos isn't going to make much of a difference visually. Le sigh~


 To all those critics out there, 

Yes yes I know my bum is big. I'm a born pear-shaped, I have been like that my whole life. My stats are 32B - 25 - 37 (32B is equivalent to 34). It's a crazy proportion, I know. But I'm not one to give in to mother nature, or to genetics, I believe with the proper workout and enough diet and with enough weight lost, I can slim my whole figure down, maybe not to a proportionate size, because that is impossible, but at least slim enough to not notice an extreme difference. Ideally I would like to see my hip go down to 35. 

nicolekiss mootta dress

Which would mean my final possible stats would be 33 - 23 - 35; since I have an extremely small waist for someone my size; it wouldn't be surprising if I were to lose 2 inches off my hip, my waist would follow. I need to lose 2 inches off my thighs too, optimally. 

Everyone is telling me it's not impossible, it's just really unhealthy and gonna be extremely difficult to lose that much in such a short period of time. Well, I'll just see it as a period of being ill then. Anne Hathaway lost a hell lot of weight during her training to be catwoman, and further lost an unhealthy amount of weight for her role as a dying prostitute with cancer following the Dark Knight movie. She didn't have to take up the role, she would have a lot more offers in other movies that does't require one to look sickly and actually be underweight; but it was a challenge for her. 

Same as this being a challenge for me. And being in this contest is just a huge motivation for me to take the next step to see what I'm capable of. 


4 kissed Nicole

  1. *sigh* None of the finalists should need to lose any more weight! You're all already beautiful enough to become finalists, aren't you?!

    Oh well... good luck in any case! ;)

  2. I honestly that you already look darn good !

  3. I think health is wealth? But no harm trying to compete with other models~

    Just hope you'd stay healthy and fit!

  4. After some experimenting, I've found the Atkins' diet most effective, yet least miserable. With an increased metabolic rate, I can now eat as much as I want and still lose weight noticeably.

    Just don't resort to extreme methods and keep healthy because health is beauty!

    Luck for the competition!