Breakfast & Mulu Discovery Centre

Let's take a break from all the long posts.

My Sarawak never seemed to end. @_@

office lady
friendly lady at the Natinal Park Office.

Here's a recap of my trip so far.

Landed in Kuching, went on a food rampage.

Went to see Orang Utan.

Went to the Longhouses.

Took a 13-hr bus to Miri and flew to Mulu.

Checked into my Mulu dorms.

Planned my trip and went for the Canopy Walk.

Did the biggest cave in the world (was) Deer and Lang Caves.

Phew... That's a long way. But my Mulu trip was about to end.

Something random to read for the weekend.

My breakfast at Mulu.


The Discovery Centre about the Rainforest and Mulu Caves.

interior of mulu discovery centre

Some interesting facts about the stick insects I found.

stick insect description

Other interesting facts about night animals.

the night shift description

Important facts for me since I went for the night walk in the jungle with a ranger. It's all dark and creepy and each of us has a torch.

mulu discovery centre

Overall view of Mulu caves.

mulu park model

See how close Deer and Lang Caves were to each other.

deer and lang cave overview

Oh, and I just bought myself a return ticket on a longboat to cruise to the next two caves I was visiting.



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