Sago Worms

This post simply compost of one thing I found most fascinating during my last trip to Sarawak.

sago worms

Sago worms.

The larvae of the Red Palm Weevils - type of beetle. These crawlers feed and live on the trunk of the sago palm trees, most popular in South East Asia.

And to the natives of Borneo, these babies are delicacies.

holding a sago worm

sago worm

worm wriggling

Ok. If you feel sick by now, I suggest you close or ALT-F4 this window right now, else... brace yourself people, because it's getting wormy.

sago worm 3

sago worm 4

worm on hand

worm on hand 2

worm on hand 3

worm on hand 4

I've included all the photos I've ever taken of the Sago Worms in this trip in this post just to prepare of what I am about to post in my next post.

See it as a teaser post, shall we?

Because my challenge on this third trip to Kuching, you know it, was to eat it.

Since the first day I learned about the sago worm almost four years ago, I knew one day it would be my destiny to savour and sample these local delectables grown in our homeland.

What can I say, I was sick, and loved an adventure in the gastronomy side of travelling.

So guys...

wriggly sago worm

Are you ready for an experience of your lives?


Stay tune to my next post. ;)

*nom nom nom*


16 kissed Nicole

  1. So, you ate it live or deep fried?

  2. OMG!!!! I'm scared to read your next post -_- But so curious, too... :P

  3. OMFG wei!!!! Takut.... ewwww....

  4. OMFG wei!!!! Takut.... ewwww....

  5. In Sabah, we call this "Butot" ~Boo-tot~....hehe..and its delicious....well thats what many people claim..:p...

  6. I did went to Satok Weekend Market but couldn't find the worms. According to my guide, he says is seasonal. I really want to try.

    Anyway as a plus I did manage to photograph Ritchie in Semenggoh Forest Reserve. muahahaha!!!

  7. OMG U ATE IT DIN U!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!! >.<

  8. sure it's as chewy as it looks huhu...

  9. I remember seeing this on the first season of Survivor! (it was on Pulau Tiga, remember?) The participants had to eat it in a challenge. I think one of them said that it tasted like peanut butter. Well...did it?

  10. Some ppl eat it like dimsum lee

  11. Even Im from Kuching, I never eat sago worm after all. XD

  12. uuu.. my fav. if you can'T find it in Satok Market, try the local market in 7h mile or in Bau.

  13. That thing is best steamed with fried onions on top. Ohhh heavenly delicious I tell you! Seriously... Just close your eyes when you put them in your mouth! Last time I usd to eat a lot.. now no more. Because KL dont have such thing. Plus they are kinda cute...

  14. Melanau called it 'siet'.."sea-eart"..they are many sago tree in Dalat and Mukah.

  15. Many in Dalat and Mukah Sarawak.

  16. Ahh!!! Those are some big worms!