3 weeks illness

This has to be the longest illness I've ever suffered since puberty.

It's the 4th week of my coughing and if you were to tell me coughing would cause me so much pain three weeks ago I would not have believed it.

I had not been able to function properly anywhere outside the threshold of my apartment or my parents house (was back over the weekend).

Lost count of how many nights I have not been able to sleep due to consistent coughing and I have tried endless remedies. So far I'm finishing four bottles of cough syrup (most disgusting thing ever), a bottle of chinese 'pi pa gao', a session of antibiotics as prescripted by the doctor (useless thing), fever pills, lots of panadols (had on and off fever caused by coughing), had a blood test, and saliva test, had those chinese herbal thing that my mom fed me with: ling yang jiao, yang sheng xu, etc.

And I'm still coughing like a hyena on the loose.


Due to my sickness, I have put aside almost everything including my work and social life just to mend myself right. But nothing seemed to work.

After three weeks of absense, I returned to Marie France last friday with my phlegm throwing coughs and decided to finish my sessions.

I could have sworn three weeks of lying in bed doing nothing but eat and sleep would have made me gained a painful amount of kilos.

When the consultant asked me to step on the weighing machine, I closed my eyes and stopped breathing. It was the scariest moment of my life.

Well not really but you get my point.

Then... she said... the most unexpected thing...

"You lost weight"

I shot my eyes open and looked at her blankly.



Well turns out I lost water, and 1kg of muscles, if one were to be precised.

Duh, what else would I expect after lying in bed for three weeks eating praticallly nothing unhealthy at all but doing none so whatever work out either.

As for my fat? Well, I did lose some fat, all but 0.1kg of it.

Damn it.

I proceeded to let the therapist perform all those treatments on me, one of the two was HMA - I think it was where they attached these little patches all over my body and let the electric current did the work. I did pass motion the next day. So I guessed it kinda worked, since being sick has made that difficult too. @_@

Next I did the ALT - sea scrub and hot blanket. I wasn't paying too much attention as I was coughing in between my sleep.

Weeks of sleepless nights make you sleep during any time of the day.

Good massages from the love Marie France therapist helped.



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3 kissed Nicole

  1. Try Manuka honey UMF 15 and above. Sip one teaspoon every 4 hours and don't drink water after taking honey.
    Make sure it's Manuka honey from New Zealand. No cough syrup works for me but Manuka honey really helps. It might be expensive but it works. I bought mine from BMS Organics 1 Utama (beside Cold Storage) in case you're wondering where to buy them.

  2. Think you having 100 day cough! Don't laugh! I had it and yeah, after 100 days it disappeared itself and no doctor or medication helped! :(