Still in Club Med Bali

It has been a long time since I updated my blog religiously hasn't it?

I've just been having so much in life righ now. And there's so much to figure out during this weird and twisting transition that I don't really have time to turn my attention to this little space.

How long has it been? I'm sure I've passed my 4th year anniversary of my blog, sometime this month. Wow, has it really been that long?

It does seem like eons ago when all those happened. And so many things have happened since, many turns of events that put me in the highlights of my life and the worst time too.

But anywaaaay....

It's my last night in Club Med Bali and it's just so beautiful and relaxing here I don't want to go back.

Been here for four days and all I've been doing were drinking cocktails in the morning,

beers in the afternoon,

sleeping by the beach (just got to love those shaded beds),

hippity-hop in the pool,

lazing in the pool,

drinking in the pool.

watch movie on Ipad in the pool's pavilion,

sirloin steak for afternoon teas,

windsurfing, kayaking, walking, in the sea,

surperb buffet for dinners (did I mention buffet was superb?),

then partying and drinking at night.

Can I stay here?


Or until I can't feel my legs anymore.

Geez, my legs are totally hurting from windsurfing. T_T

Ouh................... *shifting butt cheeks and legs*


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