Beautiful Face 365

I recently received a set of b.liv products to review at home.

bliv review set

After recovering from a long lasting never-ending-like sickness, it was the right time to save my skin with a new regime.

So this is my face before.

before face

Before one starts with any facial regime, always pull your hair back. I’m using this pink hairband with I found at the back of my closet.

putting on a head band

headband on

There, ready to start.

I had some make ups on as I went out in the day so I have to remove them first.

With a wet wipe.

wet wipe

Wipe wipe.

wipe away make ups

Wipe away the foundation and powder.

wipe away lipstick

Wipe away lipstick.

clean face
Ok. So I leave my eye make up on. It’s only for photography purposes. *vain*

First I’m using Squeaky Clean – the cleanser.

with bliv squeaky clean

Squeaky Clean comes in a pump bottle and acts as a cleanser and exfoliator. The green-ish gel has a slight green tea scent to it, and feels refreshing on your face.

squeezing cleanser

Pump 2-3 pea sized of gel out and lather with water before moving in circular motion on your face.

circular motion

apply cleanser

This helps remove impurities including white- and blackheads from your face, focusing on areas where you have most clogs.

Wash off and done.

squeaky clean face
Now I’m all fresh and clean.

Then comes the second part: Off With Those Heads.

off with those heads sebum

This magic little bottle contains all the solutions to your white- and blackheads problems. It’s also one of their hottest selling items.

The clear gel has a peppermint scent that would leave your skin feels cool after application. Basically the gel softens your clogs in your pores and over time will naturally extract them out from your pores.

sebum on finger

Leaving your pores clean and smooth in two weeks’ time.

apply off with those heads

Cover your T-zone properly (or wherever you feel cloggy) and massage the gel into your skin. The gel gets absorbed quickly so you only require a few gentle rubs.

After that, apply Oil-Leviate (for oil controlling) or Quench Me (for hydration) as moisturizers. Since I don’t have any of these products, I shall skip this part and apply my usual daily moisturizer here.

Finally, the last and most important step that every girl MUST do but always fails to do.

The sunblock application.

got me covered

Got Me Covered has got to my favourite product by far. It’s a foundation with oil controlling formula and sunblock (of SPF 35!) altogether.

applying got me covered

I uber love this product to the max.

Most sunblock product leaves your skin feeling sticky and gluey, but the foundation makes my face feels smooth like I just applied liquid foundation and a two-way cake/loose powder on it.


applying foundation + sunblock

The tinted tone even conceals my freckles and dark circles.

After that I just applied a little bit of blush and DONE!

after face

No photoshop.

No make up. Just a little bit of blush.

Here are two photos for comparisons before and after using b.liv products.


before face
Make up appear a bit oily, a bit dull and blotchy.

After b.liv’s 1. Squeaky Clean, 2. Off With Those Heads, 3. Got Me Covered

after face 2

Complete transformation.

Got Me Covered is going to be my daily foundation + sunblock from now on. I can’t emphasize enough of how much I love this product.

More after photos.

blow kiss

look sideways


full shot

Wait. That’s not all. We’re done with the daily regime, now onto the weekly ritual.

Leach Me mask.

leach me mask

This mask is a wonder. It moisturize, brightens your skin and most essentially, prevents signs of aging.

After the age of 25, a girl has to perform vital ritual to prevent their skin from aging, from anti-aging cream to eye cream to mask.

Prevention is better than cure.

peeling off leach me mask

There are three masks in each box. Peel off one packet and unfold the mask.

putting on

Then peel off the white protective plastic sheet and gently lay the mask over your face.

gel mask on face

The best thing about Leach Me mask is that it covers every inches of your face, including the area around your nose where most sheet masks fail to reach.

Then leave it rest for 20-30 minutes.

leach me mask on my face
Don’t make me laugh *hold*

When time is up, slowly lift away the mask from bottom.

peel 2
peel 3
eyes shut
sparkly eyes

You will find that there’s going to be a lot of excess gel on left on your face.

Don’t wipe them off!

Instead massage them in to allow your face to fully absorb every bit of goodness.

massage gel into face
So refreshing!

There’s another mask I have which is called Glow and Shine.

glow and shine

Because I’ve already applied the first mask on my face, I’m going to test this out on my hand.

apply glow and shine on hand

Squeeze from tube and spread evenly on face. Leave for 5-10 minutes.

glow and shine mask on hand

This is a very unique clay mask that works in a way when after 10 minutes, you wet your mask and start massaging into your skin.

wet mask and massage

You will feel many little particles exfoliating your skin as your massage. It’s an exfoliating mask that removes dead skins, unclog pores, minimize your pores and also clear up your skin, giving it a beautiful glow.

wash off

Can you see the glow?

hand after mask
Ohmigod, it’s even brighter than my face!

So there, a clean and fresh looking me.

sweet smile

Not so bad after a week’s of sickness.

sundress and straw hat

Currenly b.liv is celebrating their one year anniversary, or 365 to be exact and is throwing weekly contest on facebook for everyone.

All your need to do is ‘like’ the fan page and upload on their wall a photo of a dress-up b.liv photo. Then get your friends to ‘like’ the photo AND the page to stand a chance to win free b.liv products.

Grand Prize is products worth up to US$365.

Weekly prizes:
1st place : 365 pack (Off with those heads, 30ml + 3 pcs Leach Me, Canvas Bag)
2nd place : Off with those heads, 30ml
3rd place : Leach Me, 3pc

First to reach 365 ‘likes’ on his/her photo wins the Grand Prize. Whereas 3 highest weekly ‘likes’ becomes the weekly winners. If you didn’t win for one of the weeks, just continue to rally your friends to ‘like’ the photo, resubmission of photo is not necessary.

You can also shop online and have your products shipped for free internationally at

My dress up b.liv photo has been upload to the page.

bliv birthday wish from Nicolekiss

Can you spot it? If you do, don’t forget to ‘like’ it. :)

Till then, stay pretty everyone.

tilt head

shock look
*Shock look*

Available in Sa Sa, Alpro and Healthlane


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  1. hmmm.... i like before & after make-up ;)

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  3. any idea where i can buy this products???

  4. any idea where i can buy this products???

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