The Crazy Old Days

I missed the crazy old days with my crazy old ways.

What happened to the spontaneous me that did crazy old stunts and ate crazy food?

People age and settle and I've been rather please with my apartment and life and ways.

But every now and then, I think of the crazy old days and my crazy old stunts and smile.

There was once a crazy young exuberant girl that would travel to the ends of the world to seek her adventure and find her entertainment and explore her world.

blurry me

It was the good old days.


4 kissed Nicole

  1. Maybe you just need to recharge a bit and then you'll be your old crazy self again.

  2. so true ... those good old days..crazy times... best moments of all :)

  3. U need a break!!
    Or may be u're just getting old... Hukhukhuk

  4. =____=||
    I looked like an idiot laughing at the back....