Mulu Canopy Walk

Short Note: I just lived through a whole week of sickness consisting of fever, flu, sorethroat, and inconsistent coughings. I felt like I haven't had any proper sleep since three nights ago when I started coughing at night as well. It was so bad that I couldn't even attend to my blog, well, hardly.

Thanks mom for coming up for the weekend to take care of me. I really needed it. I'm still sick btw, so today will be my 8th day of being sick. Sigh.

After I found my shelter in Mulu, I began to start on my plans in the National Park, starting with a 2 hours walk in the jungle with a ranger.

path that i have trekked

It was less difficult than I had expected walking through the cleared up paths in the jungle.

What was I expecting? Perhaps a walking stick and a knife to slice through our way in the jungle? Expectation of a dramatic naive me after influences of too many movies.

However the ranger did give us (a couple of travellers and me) a good walkthrough of encyclopedia of the jungle.

stick insect

Like this stick insect. When I was young, it was easy to spot these insects through a glass in an insect farm. But when you're standing in the middle of the jungle, it's dead hard to spot! It took me 10 whole minutes to realise that there was an actual insect sitting there in the bush after the ranger held out the branch for me to see!

We walked passed this dried up river and thought the view was oh so melanchony.

dried river

I spent some time here taking photographs. Bringing my 500D here has got to be the best decision I've ever made.

river in jungle

There were so many things to be taken. You should see some of my cave shots later in other posts!

Trees in an actual Rainforest were pretty impressive too. No better way to feel younger than walking among thousand years old of Nature.

very quirky tree

Thickness and height you've never seen before.

couple at tree trunks

tall tree in rainforest

Which was why there's never a greater place to build and walk a canopy skywalk.

canopy walk

I sometimes thank god that god never gave me acrophobia else I would never be able to enjoy heighten walks like this. It allowed us to imagine what it's like to live on tree tops in such a magnificient jungle.

canopy tree

Viewing the reserve from the perspective of a different angle, angle of a creature perhaps.

canopy specalist

I met another photographer in this trip who used as much camera as I did.

photographer on canopy bridge
That's him.

It was nice to know at least when the group went ahead, there was someone else who got left behind to snap photo of the surroundings.

It also meant it's nice to have your own picture taken during a solo trip like this.

walking the canopy

Shuddup abt my outfit. It was hot and I needed praticality, I didn't think too much about the rainforest factor when I was packing. So I brought a lot of short pants and this was the only long pants I have. Sigh. So not the color with that top. (And I really hate that stylist for cutting that ugly fringe for me)

peace out on canopy bridge

Oh but I do LOVE this photo.

chilling out on canopy bridge

Nicolekiss in Borneo Rainforest!


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