And the winner for the Japan Mystery gift is…..

*Drum roll*


My answer for the contest is….

Dog meat.

dog meat

I can’t believe none of you guessed it right for the first 137 comments. I thought it was a pretty easy guess.

Vietnam? Dog meat? Yes I eat dog meat!

No, answers like dried dog meat or meat don’t count, the people who comment in the chatbox don’t count either. (yes I am aware someone guessed it correctly in the chatbox)

Anyway, just when I was beginning to worry that everyone’s going to guess that it’s cobra meat because Kenny did a stunt on swallowing cobra heart and declared it on his Pacmee, Super Gentleman showed up and save my day!!

As commenting twice is not allowed in the contest, I am giving the prize to the second person who guessed it correctly. Cupnsaucer, one more commentor who manage to guess it right before I publish it. Phew...

And a reward he will get for being such a cup?! or saucer?

A HANDMADE sushi holder, made and bought in Japan!!!
You guys have to figure it out how to spilt the sushi.


The sushi is a Saba Nigiri-zushi.


Or more known as Mackerel sushi. Mackerel is not served completely raw, but is one of those fish that is cured in rice vinegar with some salt because it spoils quickly.

Learn your daily dosage of sushi here.

Congratulation cupnsaucer!!! The Lucky Winner of the Mysterious Gift! Again.


36 kissed Nicole

  1., dog? is that a conscious choice you made? not compelled to follow suit of adventure-and-thrill-seeking kenny ya? i didn't expect it to come from you :)

    i would like to apologize if you deem it judgemental.


  3. :( totally different from the pic she took....hard to see and yet hard to guess...

    that hint i dont even understand :(

  4. Super Gentleman14/9/07 10:09 PM

    LOL... i cudnt bliv i won!! wahhahaz... well i did go n do sum research tho when u say no 1 hit d jackpot... so i was googling(u can find anything in google, hiakz hiakz...) n den ran across an article bout dog meat... it din quite appeal 2 me at 1st, bt wth, its a FREE GIFT!!! lol... thx nicole... hav only started reading ur blogs recently n i mz say i like it... hahahz... peace...

  5. vladimir, u dont understand the hint. "the hint is someone up there in the entry" = NICOLE = DOG = BITCH. hahaahahahah!!!!! dont give a hint that doesnt even make sense nicole!


  6. Even if it's bred to be eaten...but still...

  7. You are sick!!!!!!

  8. in case if u dont realise, super gentleman guessed 2 times and u said each person is only allowed to comment once... Not fair lerr.. or else i would have guessed it many times as well...

    SO how??

  9. omg..u ate dog meat..cruelty to animals..doesnt matter wat type of dog..eeeeewww

  10. hmm, so many anonymous comments, post with your name lah.

    Anyway, though I am against eating dog meat, but please make a better argument than eating dog meat is cruelty to animals, unless you are a vegetarian, as eating chicken, beef, mutton, fish are all cruelty to animals, base on your comment.

    And if you are a vegetarian, that's cruelty to plants...

  11. Anon: Omg! U are right. Super Gentleman did make the comments twice. There were so many comments, I just got confused and was so happy somebody finally guessed the right answer! How a? How a?

  12. meat! unbelievable.

  13. I am so sad and disgusted. Although these dogs were raised in a farm to be "eaten", they are still well, DOGS!

    Dogs, one of our domesticated, four legged friend. I don't even have a dog as a pet but I will never consider eating one.

    I know Nicole has mentioned that to the Vietnamese or other cultures, it is just food. Just like to the French, horse is just food or to the Germans, hosenphefer (aka rabbit meat) is just food.

    I just cannot imagine eating horses, rabbits or dogs.

  14. :) should've anticipated the naysayers to pounce on this one!

    food is a personal preference. as long as you dont eat endangered animals. the only thing in this world that i would refrain from eating, is dog meat. simply because i am a dog lover. i will not purchase sharkfin also. for the obvious reasons.
    having said that, i dont think it is justifiable for people to condemn what others are eating (again, as long as the animals are listed as endangered, and slaughtered in an inhumane way).

  15. Super Gentleman15/9/07 9:15 AM

    *sobz sobz* i lost d gift... LoL... no biggie lahh... hahaz...

  16. When u get bitten by a stray dog at anytime of ur life...
    Just remember wad u ate...
    they know...

  17. sushi holder???wat in the world is that?? good thing i didn't guess it correctly,i thought the mystery gift would b something like adult movies or xxx toys proudly made in JAPAN lolzzz joking joking no offense,ppl

  18. I used to have a neighbour who ate dog meat. Whenever he moved around, ppl knew coz dogs barked and chased after him.

    Now you know why if suddenly dogs are angry with you. But, I think two-legged ones don't count..haha


    from bloggers who dared to eat anything for interesting story in their blog.

  20. i dun understand why ppl give so big reaction when someone eat dog... then why no ppl say anything when someone ate chicken, pork, beef.... chicken also animal wat... pig also animal wat, dog also animal....

  21. I would consider myself a pretty adventurous eater, I would dare to eat most of what Fear Factor has put out so far.... but dog meat? I don't know.... somethings just not right there, if it's culturally alright for them to eat it, well, what's it for you? When in Rome do as the Romans do? I hope that's the case, cause the dog lover in me is feeling nauseated, farmed OR domesticated alike.

  22. Ew..Eating dog meat is sick man.

  23. hhmmmm i'm pretty sure i'm the very first person to say dog meat in the comments (Cbox). Maybe i commented at the wrong place LOL.

    hee but it ok. i'll be pissed off that i didn't win if the mystery gift was food. kekekeke so it's alright muahaha

  24. Personally, I would skip dog meat but I guess the Vietnamese have been eating it for ages so it's part of their cuisine.
    Sushi is alright though. The variety of sushi I tried at Tsukiji Market in Tokyo

  25. Eewwww..... gross. So how did it taste like??

  26. darn it! i almost answered it correctly. all except for the dried part. at least i tried...

    dog meat is not so gross as you think... i think. nope, i didn't tried myself (imagining those cute puppies). but snake meat would punch up the stomach or maybe those big fat worms. trust me, people do eat those kind of foods.

  27. Eeewww...yucks! Dog meat! Gross man! *puke*

  28. I've no problems eating sago grubs. I even love them. They're a delicacy in Sarawak. But I can never bring myself to eat dog meat. It feels really gross. But I think the feeling has to do with not being used to it as food. Because I don't find sago grubs at all gross :)

  29. aisehman! i thot i nailed it! it wasn't a cobra meat? how come? ahha! q= D where was ur hint in ur blog anyway? i wanna see it as a proof! lol..anyway, i'm one of ur secret somemore this Nicolekiss Give Away thing, so i can atleast win something! q= D

  30. it may be natural for ppl in viet to eat dog meat.. esp when u mentioned that they are really poor. but .. thats jsut not right. yucks

    i have dogs and the thought of it is... ewwwwwwwwww

  31. I think emotion got the better of people. Dog meat is eaten by many groups of people that span over more than 20 countries known.

    Calls to ban pork and beef would make much more sense and would be supported by more people.

    The only way to make people stop eating dog meat is to make dog an endangered species. You know how to achieve this right?

  32. travellers have to try everything in this world. If you dont try , you will never know. Life is short .. do what is best and what you want :D
    Nvm , i'll have to pass on this time for the quiz :'( but i will wait for my next gift hehe..nicole...mind to travel again?? :P

  33. for those who thought dog meat is eew, FYI it's even eaten in malaysia in some places, and it's a well known cure for those with sinus problems, because dog meat is even heatier than mutton.

  34. i dont think i would have guess correctly from the picture shown also. haha