Microsoft Bug and Harry Potter Craze.

Short Note: Almost forgot. Happy Mooncake Festival everyone!! :D

Argh~~!!! I hate formatting my pc!!

Argh~~~!!!!!! I hate the fact that I NEED to format my pc!!

Argh~~~~!!!!!! I hate spywares!! I hate virus!! I hate Microsoft bug that comes with XP service pack 2 which keep crashing my internet connection!!!!

It's been two days without proper internet access and I feel that part of my limbs are amputated day by day, a slow yet painful tormentment!

ON the bright side. I finally finished Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows!!!

Yeah~~~ After a week of half-hermit, I finally finished the damn book! J.K.Rowling is a mad woman!!! She's mad!!! Absolute nutter!

She can twist your mind, especially towards the ending of the book, so much it almost drived me up the wall following the story.

Ahh... in some ways, I felt relieved, and yet empty. 10 YEARS of pursuit!! Since the first book of Harry Potter, this finally marked the journey of my teenage-hood.

How I used to hide underneath blankets and not seen sun lights for days; immerse in a world of wizardry and magic; and how the unforgivable curses gave me excitements everytime Harry try to chant it; how I secretly adore Albus Dumbledore and his crooked nose and that piercing blue eyes; and how Severus Snape finally caught my admiration in the end.

And now, all those believes, the fantasy, the one escape I can always hope for and depend on when life's too tough, end. Gone.

Or at least, till the day I start flipping the first page of Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone again. Oh yes I will. Unless Rowling decides one day to write the follow-up stories about the descendants of Harry, a total different story, but the same world, the same dream.

Alrighty~~ Next book.


20 kissed Nicole

  1. I know how you feel. I had to format my pc last month. It got infected by a nifty little virus from a questionable audio software suite after I hit the keygen button. It evaded the antivirus for a few days because it wasn't complete. Everytime I'd go on the net, it would download parts to complete itself. Then one fine day all hell broke loose.

    But everything's cool now; sun's shining, birds chirping and I'm web surfing...again.

  2. Yay! I'm first...and second.

    It's a slow day la so humour me.

  3. You have my empathy. I totally understand how it feels to be without computer and internet access. Hope you can get back on soon and in the meantime, have fun reading...

  4. Solution to M$ Bug:

    Get a Mac.

    That is all. Good luck!

  5. You need a proper anti-virus + anti spyware +++

    recommended u bitdefender plus. all in 1. ^_^

    I using and selling it.

  6. i can't believe that each and everyone of my friends are having the same feeling after finish off the book. For sure we are expecting more from Rowling.

  7. Haiz.... what a nerd you are... tak habis-habis want to read.

  8. i am not going to read harry potter. but i will watch the movies tho.

    yeah...i really really absolutely hate formatting PCs........i hate it so much i would rather buy a new one! wallet brought me back to reality everytime. hahahahaa

    i still remember clearly when i was drawn into the enchanting world(s) of the enid blyton series.....i so wished i had a faraway tree...i so wished mr pink whistle would manifest and make me fly.....awww.....

  9. stupid woman

  10. destickles: the geniuses behind these viruses, if only they program FOR THE GREATER GOOD!

    junkgirl: my... desktop... is... so.. empty...

    abraxis: problem -> money

    anthony lam: but i have so many anti-spywares oledi~

    adrian fond: coz it's soooo guud.

    kenny: nerd I am, and proud of it.

    sheon: NO!!! You HAVE to READ the BOOKS!!! movies don't do them justice!

    anon: stupid man

  11. hey... I know what u mean about the whole Harry Potter journey... It's true it marks the journey of your (and mine too) teenage-hood... felt kinda empty after the whole journey ends...oh well~

  12. Sounds inhuman but it's actually good to format your pc after some time.

    Better still if rowling introduces mooncake to harry potter..haha

  13. hahahahaa....your answer to anon. :) i dunno....but it makes me laugh!

    okok..... many ppl say that to me..."must read the book....must read the book!!".... i'll see if i can get myself a book or not..but i would rather start off with Lord of the Rings first....

  14. eve: sniff.. so sad ain't it?

    whisperer: what would be really odd. Maybe cho chang still celebrate that culture.

    sheon: LOTR? I gave up after reading the first 15 pages. lol

  15. Yo! May I recommend u to use correct OS, called Ubuntu, easy to install, free of virus/spyware and most important, Free!!!!

  16. Hmm... i reckon you getting a Apple MacBook series. Then you dont need to worry of virus anymore.

    Mac computers are able runs on Windows Xp and Vista too!

  17. i just finished the final book recently too, and itz also thankz to my lousy connection.. instead of sittin in front of the com begging it to go on9, i finished my harry potter... n dumbledore seems like god..haha

  18. Nicole, when you win your MacBook from the Chipster competition, you can say goodbye to these problems. Oh yeah, and Leopard is coming out soon anyway. =)

  19. Nicole, thanks for not posting spoilers for the Harry Potter thing... I haven't read the book or seen the movie yet =D

  20. too many is not good too. 1 is enough.