I am back

I am finally back. Sorry everyone for taking such a loooonnnnggg break. I have been under some serious meditation mode. Depression, deep thoughts, whichever you called it.

I have a confession to make, Chinese New Year was never my favorite festival of the year, in fact, it is my most hated festival in an entire year. Every year whenever this season approaches, I will, in all my power and will and stubbornness try to escape, run away, hide, avoid or disappear from celebrating this so called wonderful season.

I have tried to run to Thailand a week before the actual festivals on the 18th, but failed due to some personal conflicts with family and ‘friends’; which left me devastated and utterly speechless, my mood got worse and not even the most amazing valentines day could cheer me up.

Then I was pursued to Singapore for a hide-out, which was left only with more tragics cause instead of running away from Chinese New Year, I ended up celebrating two consecutive Chinese New Years with two separate families (my own included since I came back to Melaka on the second day of CNY, blasted).

I was so sour, I have to put on my ever so cute fake smile and started acting like I am enjoying the bloody festival.

Sure some of you say that CNY is worth looking forward to with all the ang pows (red packet with money) and gambling and good food and blah blah blah. Ok, this is where I am trying to explain. I stood my ground and I will say it again and again, no matter how many times I shall repeat. I HATE CNY. Period!

No amount of money or gambling and gatherings can make me like, wait change that to hate, CNY any less than I already do. If it’s money that I want, every year, with the amount of relatives that I have, I could have gathered more than RM1000 easily since both my parents came from big families. If it’s gambling that I’m aftering, I wouldn’t have quit gambling and made a vow to myself never to gamble again 3 years ago, which I kept to this day, for pete’s sake, I was taught how to play poker at the age of 3, and my cousin of one year older taught me how to pay mah jong (a complicated Chinese deck game) when I was 5.

And food, don’t get me started, I’m on a diet ok?!

Ok, so there’s nothing in CNY that I would enjoy and like about; but why do I hate the festival so damn much? I don’t know?! It’s just one of those festivals that you hate, like how some dislike Halloween to hating Christmas, it’s the same concept. Ok, so I might have a reason to it. But I am not going to tell you that. >p


So on the 19th, I had to endure a 6-hour non stop WWF program abuse on the bus from Singapore, I reached Melaka with a huge migraine and a heavy heart. The night continued with a remarkable smaller reunion dinner of 32, many of whom to my gladness, were not able to attend that night.

Then the rest of the days of CNY, I spent it in the most unlikely way, attending a reunion gathering with all my high school friends. o.O Shocking~~~~

I know, after my deep true confession some entries ago, this would probably be the last of the few things I would even consider to resort to. But I ran out of option. Which is worse? High school nightmares that you have never met for the past 6 years or horror movies that you meet every freaking year? I opt for the former.

It was an unusual gathering, none to my surprise; all of them commented that I have changed drastically. Who could blame them, 6 years can change anyone. But many of them to my surprise rather, did not change much appearance wise. Education wise? Expected… I came from a geek school, graduated from one of the top classes in school, I was seated with a bunch of postgraduates, PHD graduates, doctors to be…etc. Man, it’s annoying how my Master in Communication looks inferior.

But one good thing about higher education, it has surely shaped people from monstrous into polite creatures. No more teasers or name callers, people who compare and look down on you, it was a decent sweet little gathering. It could be just me, but I still felt a bit of a left out, though way much better compare to how it was back then. I seemed to be able to chat with most of the guys anyway; I always have troubles chatting up with the females, bet this isn’t your first time hearing this.


And so I lost my voice over CNY. Reason? Drinking and many many many late nights. A solution I found to cure my hatred for CNY and a wonderful cure it is. For the first time, I actually did enjoy CNY, with my friends, not so close friends and people I don’t really know. You could say I’m drinking my sorrow away, so be it, it was good experience, I’m not much of a drinker, but it was fun.

I also did something different finally, I decided to break my vow this year, and gamble. Being the banker of an 8 people group poker game and half a bottle of vodka later (I didn’t drink due to sore throat), I won RM125 in 2 hours time; easiest money ever made. To which I treated myself a new pair of tracks the other day during shopping.


Just got back from KL today, had eye check ups yesterday at Vista, and guess what? I have achieved 0 Power!!! Perfect vision 20/20. Ho ho, now I can see those cute hunks from across the beach. Time for an island escape. :D Guess this year didn’t turn out half as bad as I thought it would be; and I’m sure it will be even better.


11 kissed Nicole

  1. it's good to hear from u again~
    congrats on ur eyesight... 20/20... something that i have lost years back :P

    cheer up :P
    CNY is not the best celebration of the year.. but meeting wif friends are... :p

    Gong Hei Fatt Choy~

  2. CNY is surely a nice gathering for everyone..
    but i still can't believe u can get RM 1000 in malaysia, as from my experience and what i always hear.. malaysian angpau is very very small... ^_^'

  3. Glad you're back!

    Next year CNY will be better for you I guess...no matter how you hate it...

  4. being from penang, CNY in penang means absurd traffic jams (apparently half of KL is from penang) and oppresive heat, visiting relatives you never see outside of this time and what not. but then again there is the constant intake of yucky asian beers and ground nuts. give me my espresso martini any day. thankfully i escaped all that by being in melbourne by virtue of not having enough annual leave to go back. work work work. if aus recognised CNY hols then it would be great.

  5. i enjoy new year by pouring some oil onto myself and set myself on fire,
    then run across the town screaming like hell with a team of policemen and hunter dogs chasing after me...

    yippie !!!!!
    (I drank too much)

    wawasan 20/20

  6. there must a great satisfaction inside yourself, that you have change a lot (for the better) since the last time you met your highschool friends..

    good for you..

  7. now i understand ... :) ...

  8. I hate cny with a passion. that's why i've never complain once everytime i had to spend CNY away from home. i can't stand all the fakeness and comments about how i've 'changed'

    anyway it's so awesome to have 20/20, I want!!!

  9. yeah, i agress, CNY is the worst time of the year. i am not a xtian, but i actually enjoy the atmosphere of x'mas. peaceful and calm.

    anyway, do what i did at 1st of CNY, visit an orphanage,, give some money and present, bring joy to them, then you will have joy.

    take care.

  10. I could have gathered more than RM1000 easily since both my parents came from big families ..... what a statement.... what a statement....