hell with ya

Why am I surrounded by people who are either, boring, love to stay at home, or just plain dun like to party.

It's not that I am complaining, I love having homey friends. But when you feel like going out, on a travel, or a night's out, you just can't seem to find anyone to go with you.

People seem to age as they grow older, I mean mentally. Is it a must that we become boring as well with age? I am still young for heaven's sake, even when I hit 30, I don't want to act like an old dirtbag that stays at home and watches drama series. I like to lead a healthy lifestyle, not stay at home all the time, nor being a nocturnal internet freak every day, nor eat junk and rubbish food all the time. Exercise, wake up early, head out of the house early (I am not a college student anymore! by the time they wake up and go out, it'll be evening), enjoy a cosy movie at night then head to bed.

I like to go out, have a great time, it doesn't have to be shopping or partying, as long it's not the usual 'yumcha' late night type of outings I'm talking about. An afternoon walk in the city, chat, hang out; enjoy a simple and light lunch.

Life is short, why waste it away like shit? It's annoying. If I am born a guy, I wouldn't have given a damn care if I was out in the city all alone wandering aimlessly, or be in another country in an instant whenever I decide to. But god's being totally fair to provide me with two loving parents that cares too much, friends that are too innocent and people around that are god damn protective. So here I am, blogging the shit out of me in the 'discomfort' of a house *cough* jail *cough*

PS// I hate CNY.


18 kissed Nicole

  1. Ok, you like just totally described my lifestyle. Stay at home, watch drama series, nocturnal internet freak, eat junk and rubbish food all the time...

    CNY should only be bad for people who live like the above. =P

    Happy CNY anyway. =)

  2. CNY or else..
    Just get through it... Eventho it's completely boring...

    Freak girls are everywhere... trust me

  3. Perhaps you can get a job and move out to KL... meet up with frens... go party... and have a 'new' life ;).

  4. when u go overseas u will know the party lifestyle. fug im so hungover.

  5. :)........healthy lifestyle....

    I agree....move out and stay in a bigger city than malacca...and be independent lor....maybe thats what you need?


  6. Happy Chinese New Year~~~!!!

    I know CNY is boring to you but you only live once! So, enjoy it. This is the only time u can eat like a hungry ghost and forget about weight problems.

  7. Happy Chinese New Year Nicole !! dun hate the festive season, try to make yourself enjoy ehehe..

  8. welcome to the real world, cute gal!!
    u r just not a boy...

    u already have a lot more freedom compare to other gal..

  9. enjoy youself in Spore gal. hope to have the chance to see u again while u r here after seeing u at Sengkang earlier this evening.
    I do like to go out alone sometimes too, juz went for a jog last nite at 8.30pm.

  10. hey Nic, at least ur not working during CNY rite rite? :)

  11. hmm.. i'm always up for a lite lunch, then stroll aimlessly around kl looking and observing strangers.. enjoyabloe what.. but that's the anti-social freak in me talking..

  12. the only part i like of CNY is..... um, ang paos... =P

  13. If I live in Malacca, it would be my pleasure to accompany u.

    Anyway try to hv a Happy CNY !..... as u said, life's short so wat best time to celeb with family,esp. yr parents...its worth it, trust me.....& there's no plc like home.

    cheer up girl.

  14. Im home in Malacca! Gimme a buzz if you wana go lepak... ;)

  15. You just describe part of my lifestyle...the watching series part but thats usually because I'm like you,unable to find anyone to go out with...But I do love to go out, and when I'm out, I like to stay out...hehe...Well I'm living in KL so if you ever need a buddy to chill with around here, give me a ring...

  16. Cant believe such an eligibly independent gurl like u oso still staying with ur parents at the age of..about 23?!. C'mon la, grow up!

    Complaint complaint and complaint gau lan meh? Dowan to be controlled by MDC ppl, move ur ass off to town and find a job la. After 3 months working apply a principal Master CC . Then can go party till u rot lor sorhai!

    MDC: Manipulative/Dominative/Controlling

    enjoy life while you can .. :D
    somtimes life jus up n down... sometimes u will felt like party like hell.. sometimes u jus wish to stop it.... :P
    in KL , clubbing 3 places 1 night.. that's killing.... but memorable. jus enjoy n explore :P

  18. guess we r more n more alike... house *cough* jail *cough*... How nice am I a guy too... Can travel the world without having my parents worry bout me... I wana go UK next year!!! Why can't I go alone?