It's a Date!!

Alas, one week came and went.

So swift is the time, 7 days in 7 short blinks.

4 more hours to sunrise;
6 more hours to departure;
and 9 more hours to my lovely and exciting date with Dr Choong.

I hope my eyes looks lovely.
I hope he doesn't notice the blood clot around my pupils.
I hope he loves me enough to tell me I have achieved vision 6/4.5

Ah, how my heart beats in anxiety as the second ticks; as the time drew nearer to my reunion with him.

What clothes should I wear? Should I apply a sweet scent to my neck so he will be delusioned enough to focus elsewhere than my striking eyes?

Oh, how wonderful it is to thy second acquaintance. Another sleepless night.


14 kissed Nicole

  1. i tot u will end up with kenny :)

    anyways good luck to you :)
    he seems to like girlz without make up. :P

    heres a tips :)
    use the LS voodoo i taught u to get his attention ^_^

  2. You make it sound like something different.. ahahah.... No you shouldn't wear the sweet scent. You don't want him focusing on anything else but ur precious eyes.. wahaha...

  3. alvin u mean salah potong?

    Nicole very expert in creating atmosphere ler.....

  4. heya,

    Just wondering whats the going rate for Lasik at the curve? Considering getting it myself. I hear it helps when bungee jumpin. thanks

  5. Dr Choong!? DR CHOONG?!

    I thought I was your one and only!



  6. No sarcasm this time. Is the Sarawak Laksa deal-date still on? We can do a double-date, you and Kenny. me and my lovely lady. Can?

  7. all the best for the best vision =D

  8. :) heart warming..........

  9. awww. hope it works out :).

  10. Awww Kenny, you'll always have that special place in my heart, deep deep deep down inside. *korek korek* I'm sure it's somewhere there.

    Sisuahlai, That's sweet, I might just take you up on that offer. WHEN I visit Kuching. :D

  11. Ok. (checking my electronic diary... tuk tuk beep)

    Embarrassingly, plenty of empty spaces.

    Deal's on Nic. Whenever you're in Kuchingtown. (somehow there's a hint of cynicism with your capitalized WHEN). But I'll take your word... FOR NOW. : D

  12. that's not kenny sia..
    the profile doesn't even link to kennysia's profile...

  13. I thought Kenny has a gf already? Apologies if I'm wrong.