Life in the World Wide Web

Today Kenny and I suddenly decided to flood a person blog’s chatbox (Nothing evil-ish, the chatbox was pratically empty most of the time.)

This is how the conversation goes, he signed in,

Jackass: hee haw!

Then I appear, signing in as,

Jackass_lao po: yo

Jackass: whassup?
Jackass: what should we do on valentine's?
Jackass_lao po: erm..... cyber date
Jackass: then i'll get you a cyber box of chocolates
Jackass: and we have cyber dinner
Jackass: afterwards, we go catch a cyber movie
Jackass: and you can have some cyber roses
Jackass_lao po: then i can give you cyber kiss
Jackass_lao po: cyber XX
Jackass_lao po: and maybe buy for some cyber presents too
Jackass: i'd love some cyber xx!
Jackass: making me think of cyber XXX
Jackass_lao po: what is cyber xx and xxx?
Jackass_lao po: or maybe u rather XXXX
Jackass_lao po: i want to have kids
Jackass_lao po: cyber kids
Jackass: not that easy my lau po
Jackass: that one have to cyber xxx
Jackass: then wait for cyber 9 months
Jackass: have you send you to cyber hospital
Jackass: see a cyber doctor
Jackass: then if you cannot push, you are gonna have to go for cyber c-section
Jackass: only then can you have a cyber baby
Jackass_lao po: o.. then let's have cyber xxx now.. then can register for cyber nationality and buy cyber baby clothes
Jackass: oh crap. i forgot to have cyber lubricant
Jackass: must go buy at cyber 7-11
Jackass_lao po: we shall create a home in the cyber world for our cyber family..
Jackass_lao po: no need lubricant, i create cyber juice.. just a bit of programming
Jackass: hahaa!
Jackass: let's start a cyber family my dear
Jackass: then we can buy a cyber house
Jackass: and go live in CYBER JAYA!
Jackass_lao po: -.-
Jackass_lao po: since when suddenly become real life?
Jackass: cyber jaya is cyber also leh
Jackass: cyber lao po also can cyber tulan one -.-
Jackass_lao po: .....................

Then I decided to change my nick,

Jackass_no more lao po: what do you think
Jackass: your cyber groans complimenting mine.
Jackass: it was a cyber cloud-nine session.
Jackass: we were like a pair that fits like a cyber glove

Running of XXX vocabulary, I went and quote this guy’s blog content to use as my own, only adding in ‘cyber’,

Jackass_no more lao po: We engaged in incredibly ridiculous cyber positions yet the satisfaction and pleasure we got were second to none.
Jackass_no more lao po: Your cyber body was ready to explode, but you continued to hold on - holding on to the reservoir of cyber cum.
Jackass: wtf. cyber cum!
Jackass: my cyber body exploded.
Jackass_no more lao po: HA HA
Jackass: no more already!
Jackass: cyber die liaw!

Logging out of the chatbox,
we decided to move the conversation onto MSN…

Nicole: kenny... when is our cyber baby coming out?
Kenny: !
Kenny: we din cyber xxx
Kenny: so no cyber baby
Nicole: no meh? i thought already got cyber cum
Nicole: haha
Kenny: ya
Kenny: but cyber exploded
Kenny: hahaa
Nicole: o my... then i will be cyber single mom
Kenny: haha
Kenny: this whole thing is so stupidly funny
Kenny: hahahaha
Nicole: go to sleep.. remember to dream abt our little cyber KENIC
Kenny: !
Kenny: *sigh*
Kenny: gotta wake up and change KENIC's cyber diapers
Kenny: hahaaa
Kenny: even the name sounds so cyber
Kenny: kenic
Nicole: so cute...
Kenny: nite lao po
Kenny: thanks for the entertainment.
Nicole: u forgot to kiss kenic
Kenny: eh?
Kenny: *muah*
Nicole: ouch.. he just cyber kick me
Kenny: wah! sounds so powerful
Kenny: kenic must be running on pentium
Nicole: lol
Nicole: centrino...
Kenny: got wifi
Kenny: i wonder when he will grow his first bluetooth
Nicole: hahahahahaha
Kenny: :p
Kenny: g'nite dear
Kenny: catchya tmw
Nicole: can i blog abt this?
Kenny: can
Kenny: go ahead

I am cyber 3 months pregnant.


19 kissed Nicole

  1. =.=







    *clap clap clap*

  2. two thumbs up for the cyber xxx show...damn funny...
    i'm waiting for the real life show!!!wahaha....

  3. It's cute...

  4. Haha this is riculous but truly funny... everything cyber as if our world has been conquered by cyber computer like in those sci fi movie..haha

    cool cool cool...

  5. I am cyber speechless...

  6. cyber eyes-popping-out

  7. i'll be your cyber lawyer if you need anything....i'm cyber cheap!

  8. So many cyber...cyber...cyber...

    But where's the webcam? =D

  9. we open a cyber baby shop as well, just cyber visit us and we will provide your cyber needs..

    note: if you find out that your cyber baby is as ugly as IBM, we can also provide cyber plastic surgery option to cyber apple or sony..

  10. funny

  11. Absolutely hilarious cybersation. hahahaa...

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    Didn know he was that.. eng..

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  15. haha nice one. anyway u look beautiful. =)

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  17. cant wait to see what Kenny will give u on valentines day.

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