So I'm crazy, sue me - part 2

Ok.. fine… I admit it…

Shortly after I typed “to be continued…” on my previous entry, I immediately went and switched on my phone. All those missing few days before I blog to make it look like I was really isolating myself, or write to make it look like I am cool without a phone crap? Are craps!

Truth is, I can’t take it… Oh my god… how can anyone survive without a phone? Do you know what kind of situation I am in right now? I am staying in my room practically 23 hours a day, given one hour to eat, shower, pee and shit outside my room; sometimes I even skip the shower part (wait, you’re not suppose to know that, what~~?!! I am staying in an aircond room k?).

My phone.. is like.. my sole communication tool to talk to the real world, as in real people, real voices. Not just I type, enter; you type, enter, those non real time shit. One more minute in that state, I would have become a vege.

No, I’m serious. No joke. Just watch this video, see how f@#$ing lame and boring it is. Take away my phone, and you will suffer more videos like this in the future. Muahahaha….


Two days ago, I awoke to the sound of gate rattling. It was like, 6pm? I went to the front door and was stuffed in the face by a bouquet of roses.


It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me in a long time (by long, I would say.. 2 months?). This is my first bouquet of flowers in the year 2007!! Sorry Kenny, I’m going to Singapore to celebrate my valentines… & cny. You can take care of Kenic at our cyber home. :D

Awe~~~, Kenny, I bet you kill a lot of girls with this :p

YOY??? Who the hell is YOY??!


11 kissed Nicole

  1. aww they are such pretty roses... how nice of kenny! ^o^

    have fun in singapore!

  2. Waaaaa
    tatz the song i sent u... glad u love it :P

    (it's call It's a Beautiful Day)

    Woi Kenny....
    you better be more agressive in courting Nicole lah...
    wish both of you luck ^_^

    you guys should be together as dream couple ^_^

  3. Hey Nicole, actually what're you doing with your handphone? I didn't get it....

  4. wasnt kenny's ex gf called nicole too? Maybe he recycled the roses + card, from like, 3rd grade hence the typos.

  5. U better not torture yourself with this kind of game anymore Nicole... we all cant survive without communication with outside world.. roses from kuching wor..not bad ar =P

    stay cool and happy valentines day

  6. the part 2 is not good enough to continue jst like dat..
    maybe that's why fewer comment, anyway keep up the good work


  8. Leo^D^Psycho10/2/07 5:38 PM

    I think 'YOY' might be a typo. I think it is most probably a "YOU". Therefore, "Don't let the bad thing bring YOU down" Right Kenny??

  9. YOY in business wise is "Year On Year"

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