Food Attack!!!

I woke early in the morning with the sun shining magnificently outside the window (though the clock tells me it’s already 1pm, -.- stupid clock). It was another bright and beautiful day in Singapore.


Previous night’s partying didn’t exactly leave me feeling miserable; I felt rejuvenated right after a shower. This proves that occasional partying is good for the body. (and when I meant occasional, I was saying once every half a year) It was finally time to have a look around town, so Guan Jie and I decided to head out to the busy areas of Singapore and probably catch some late breakfast. I wasn’t exactly sure where I was headed to as I just let my friend take the lead around the MRT route. I remembered going through some stop-overs by the name of “Lavender”, “Eunos”, “Bedok”, “Bugis” and “Tampine” (pronounced as ‘ten fe ni’, at first I read it as ‘tam pin’)

Human seems to move towards potential areas where they have a better chance of survival; like living near a water source, i.e. river, lake, sea, or among woods and forest where it can protect you from sun and rain; up in a tree where the animals couldn’t harm you. It applies the same in the city, we followed the crowd and so we landed in a shopping complex foodcourt.

"When you want to look for food, see where the people gather." - Nicole

Knowing me as a girl with an extreme weak point for sinful desserts, I just couldn't resist the sweet temptations. All these seductions of Singapore are driving me up the wall on an empty stomach.

Layers and layers of cakes~~ @_@

Rows and rows of muffins and brownies o.O

Columns and columns of chocolates~ *.*

I stood in awe staring through the glass panel of the cake and chocolate refrigerators while the salesgirl (or aunty) frowned at my drooling I-want-to-see-no-want-to-buy face. I ignored her completely; I only have eyes for those chocolates.

Nevertheless, I stood strong, proper meal is priority (after scratching and screaming at the glass panel while being dragged away mercilessly, Nooo~~~~).

We did end up in a restaurant later on, "New York, New York". And may I say, what a cool restaurant, like the name, its interior design fits the theme well as it is decorated with New York sceneries and styles. Even the menus look like newspapers, entitled "New York Times". Most of the lists they served are pub foods, like Friday's and Chilis, New York New York is where people gather to enjoy good American 'junk' food. Football-sized burgers, jumbo fries, gluttoning ice creams and over-sized salads.

If there's one thing really successful about their design, it has to be the Menu; I must say, they must have hired a journalist to write it, cause after reading it, I want to order EVERYTHING on the list. (note: order, not eat)

Reminds me of Jessica Simpson's quotes: “'Jessica, you want some buffalo wings?' 'Sorry I don't eat buffalo.'”

Makes me wanna order and see if it's that good, if not, complain to the Manager that this description is fraud. Still, it did MADE me wanna order.

It was not until I saw this that I became really really tempted to try and order it. (note again: order, not eat)

What~? What else can I do? It dared me~!

Then I flipped the page to look at the description of their prized burger~

2 pounds of meat?!! and just the meat?! Whoi yo, finish this and instant weight gain of 2 kg!

I wasn't joking when I said football sized burger, this is the real thing man~! 4 inches thick, my god, it's bigger than my full mouth open. It's width is wider than my face horizontally and as long as it vertically. I know, I measured it. Hey, anyone wanna order this with me??? Come we go Singapore next trip.


2 kissed Nicole

  1. scrolling down...while reading anxiously...; BUT.... didn't get to read wat i was anticipating...
    "So wat did u ordered?"
    perhaps in your next entry ^_^

    anyway... i have to admit that they do have pretty tempting phrase... with the description; heck me ain't see a football sized burger in my life... its definately a must see item; but not to eat; would be terribly bored eating the same thing that size... keke; double dare; perhaps they should phrase it, "it's yours for free, if you could finish it alone"...hehe

    ps: u looked different in the first pic; did some straightening or... some work with the eyebrown; haven't had a clue :/ ??? but anyway... you just looked prettier overall :)

  2. so here's a correction that you can make to your blog(i do read them). the mrt station which you stated tampin was actually spelled as "tampanis" and it's read as "tem" "pe" "nis". So the next time you hit singapore... i would like to try that oversize burger. So i take it that you order that burger as you get a chance to measure it with your face. how does it taste... you forgot the important part of the story :P this implies to any food you taste on your stay... :)