The night goes on~ and I got stomped!!

Shortly after that party, photos that I have requested for the night flooded in my emails, I was estastic. Finally, something to console my lost of many great photos due to my recklessness of not charging my camera.

A beautiful girl with me~

A white bride and a black widow, the perfect match~

God, this vampire is sure scary with his make up

Later on that night, a guy in a fancy camera asked for a shoot, and I received this item

I got stomped?? What does it mean?

So I decided to check the site out. And I found my photo there~!

I'm on singapore website, how odd is that.. haha~ and I think I fell in love with the photographer, or his camera. Even inside a pitch dark area within Zouk with miscellaneous lights flashing around, he is still able to capture such good photos.

I left the club at around 3am in the morning, the best part is, the club was still hot when I left. By this hour in KL, they would have started chasing people out of the bar.

I was in a total mess when I left, eye lashes falling out, white paint coming off my forehead and nose. Hair's a mess! This is how I looked like on the way home in the cap,

completely wiped!

Reaching home was when the real pain start. Removing the paint! By god, if I knew it would be THIS difficult to remove, I would've think twice before applying a THICK layer of paint onto my skin. I used more than a quarter of bottle of my strong eye make up remover and took twice the effort to put off than to apply it on. Especially when almost most of my body from chest up are covered in paint! >_< *sob

This is how I looked the next day~

Super refreshed! Don't be fooled, most of the paint are still underneath the turtle neck, hahaha


3 kissed Nicole

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  2. Thats hell of a FUN event. Party to the MAX... i bet...
    The last pic of u was indeed 'refreshin' and needless to say.. youthfully attractive.

  3. nothing beats a good party and waking up the next morning feeling nice and refreshing. Like you said once awhile is ok... So here's the correction again... the word taxi=cab. you got it wrong "cap" :)