Back and in Fighting mood!

Got back from KL today and god!!! Warning to all, NEVER EVER take JEBAT express.

They are freaking long, tiring and COLD. They set their aircond to MAX power like it doesn't even cost them anything and the moment I got on the bus, I was already freezing! When I got off the bus, my hands are turning from pale white to blue and I am wearing two layers of turtle neck and shirt respectively like I just stepped out from Genting Snowhouse.

The ride took freaking 3 HOURS to reach, that's another 1 HOUR extra from normal ride! Hey, how should I know this ride takes you on a journey to all the small and tiny malay villages in Melaka before deciding to set u down at the Bus Central. They should have told me that it's a ride that'll take you everywhere before actually getting to MELAKA. Stupid idiot FAT & UGLY excessive-make-up malay lady who keep waving her big fat arm under the counter to cheat people to buy tickets from her!

Anyway~~ I haven't taken any photo or video recently and guess you guys have to continue to put up with my ramblings.

I got news returning from KL, I gain weight!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!! This is finally the end of the world. How can I bear to live, there's no point in life. Argh~~ *hit big teddy bear*. Those people who never understand why girls are so desperate and sensitive about their weight, no wonder you guys are single >p; if you're not, you will be. *stick out tongue longer*

I want to DIET DIET DIET!!!.... *continue screaming* And I am dead serious, if I ever said I was serious before, I LIED. This time is really really really serious, I mean, I am REALLY serious! I am so serious, that if I lie, I will donate all my clothes to charities and migrate to a FAT country (definitely not france!) and live there happily ever after in a mass of fatter people that will make me look thin.

I am so serious, that from tomorrow onwards, I should just stop eating, stop drinking, stop breathing...etc. I shall go for Yoga every single day of the week from Monday onwards even il breaks every single bone in my body, which it most probably will. I will not rest until I remove all these wobbly things around my body, eek!!!!! Disgusting wobbly fat, get off me! Kill all the fat in the world. *hit Pikachu softtoy*


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