East meets West

When it comes to comparisons between the east and the west. Culture is not the only thing that stood differently. No I'm not talking about the food and religion either.

What I'm saying are the different features we have. Even though we are humans, god seems to have granted them more prominent face contours and body shapes, not to mention height.

Believe me, how many Asians have you seen (not on porn k, I mean on the street) with incredible assests, front and back~ If Asians are skinny, they look like sticks. When caucasians are skinny, they boobs and booty still stand out like nobody's business.

Model Heidi Klum

Model Gisele Bundchen, haba haba

This is Asian Model,

Amber Chia

Man, talk about a football field~, but it doesn't mean she's any less sexier. It's just the way Asians are built. Besides, I would give anything to have that beatiful figure of hers...

I remembered a funny incident back in the UK when I was still a 19 year old degree student. We female Malaysians always have a problem when shopping for undergarments in malls. They never seem to have any size that's lower than a B/C cup, if there are, A-cup size bras have very very very little varieties in terms of designs, and B cup bras are sometimes limited as well. So what we do? We wear the same bras we brought from Malaysia for an entire year. But thanks to my height, at least I don't have to go to the petite clothing section to buy garments.

Let us move on from my rantings to East vs West face features,

This is Chris' photo,

And this is me,

Isn't that already an obvious difference! But let's do a comparison anyway~ for the sake of it

He made my face looks almost flat!!! A dull straight line!! And said that my nose looks like mon chi chi's. =.=

This is a mon chi chi ->

What?? I have monkey nose?! *straggle Chris*

Being 5ft 7inch myself, I sometimes feel that the only place that I ever felt belonged was during my study in Hull, UK. Fortunately for me, I don't feel towered when standing next to my caucasian friends. Unfortunate for my friend Wendy though.

See how short Malaysians are? Let's try that again with Wendy in the middle.

Sorry Wendy, I couldn't resist~ :p


2 kissed Nicole

  1. Well they sure looks different... i mean there is always pros and cons to it. I for a chinese like my feature not bcos it's good... but i won't know for life what it's like to broke my nose. My uncle said it hurts like hell. i feel so blessed. but i will never look good for the camera :P. so pros and cons... ehh you might wanna put that up as one of your theme... yin and yang... the way of life. :P

  2. Asian had many plus too.. say.. multilingual, values, hardworking...

    albeit blond hair, blue eyes, some with superb body-built.... is what many asian hope to have;
    well on the bright-side, we can do hair dye, pop on color lense, or do a nose job..keke... or for me.. a leg extension surgery .... keke
    anyway, i'm pretty sure... u are very blessed with your physical appearance ;)

    cheers =)