Idiotic line

How stupid can a company be?

I can tell you, very very very stupid.

It was one fine day when I was minding my own business surfing the net happily. Then suddenly! I got a mail. The sender is from bizsurf. How odd, before sending it to my junk mail, I clicked on it.

For those who don't know what is Bizsurf, it is a centralised broadband service that I use when I was staying in my condo in PJ, Advantage is, I don't have to apply a phone line of my own like streamyx.

Up pop this message,

WTF? Payment? What payment??

Okay, by now you must be confused. How would a sweet young thing like me be sooo irresponsible and owe some company money? Let my explain.

Up till the month of May, I have stayed in a nice little condo in PJ which name I prefer to remain anonymous. But came the day where I decide to quit my job and move back to Melaka after much persuasions and decisions made. So before packing all the things and after informing my then employer and house owner, I called the broadband company who have been handling my internet service at the comfort of my room to inform them that I want to cancel the service because I was moving out.

Their internet service has always been swell, except for a minor defect that I always find annoying. They have the LOUSIEST payment system ever! How do you pay each month? You have to go to the ATM machine and bank in RM60 to them each month.

And because banking method like this don't have syndication of the source of the money, I need to call up their account department to inform one of their people that I have bank in the cash at what time to which bank account of theirs. Stupid or not?!

I mean, what kind of payment system is it!! There's even a few times where they will call me after a month that I have pay my previous month payment!! Then I have to go back and rummage through my drawer to find an old invoice to tell them that I have paid so and so ON so and so date and time. I ask you again, stupid or not??!!! Very SE-TU-PITTT right!!!

I then proceed to open the attachement on the top to check what have they written there,

What the @#$#@^@$#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RM420!!!!! How dare they!!

My first reaction and reply to them was this:

absurd, I moved out of the condo in June and had called in to cancel the service in May. RM60 deposit has been used for the payment for the month of May.


Okay, it wasn't really professional but I was still shocked by the figure RM420!!!! #$#$@!#%$@&%$

Few days later, just when I thought everything has settled, this came in.

Wa lao eh~~~ Dude, if you do not understand what is the meaning of RM60 deposit don't simply say I say I pay you guys RM60 can or not?!! Your company took RM60 from my pocket when I register for this service and tell me in the face that it is deposit for last month payment when I want to cancel the service. You forgot already is it?!

Even if I did pay, where the hell do I find the invoice number for you ah! Who the hell keep invoice paper from ATM banking machine that is of half a year ago ar!!!!


8 kissed Nicole

  1. lol...what an idiot company. Kesian nicole.

  2. they really need help with the payment scheme... pity u :/
    perhaps... u should include... which Bulls_it company it is to warn your fellow readers.. ;)

  3. i would really like to know the company name :P... just to avoid it in the future.

  4. haha..i think i know where the place is..coz i am staying at condo using BizSuft too..should be the same... and still using their that i have to inform my housemate to keep all the receipts...just in case next time after cancel same problem again...damn

  5. Hi Nicole. First time on your blog and it's interesting. Nice to meet you. =)

    OMG OMG... that is one f@#ked up company. lol. How can they! Some people just have difficulties understanding English, don't they? haha.. They asked for you to furnish them with payment info for deposits! LOL.. hahaha.... Joke of the year. haha..

  6. ohh better settle quickly.

    they can sue you and make you a bankrupt without your presence in the court (or even know about the summons)

  7. Don't lah condemn people like that. Always have a kind heart. Wait till you run your own business and you will know what this all means...Ring the boss and have some kind advise to tell him/her. After all they are all human.

  8. Dear Nicole:

    I am with BizSurf... just wanted to say SORRY for screwing up with your final payment to us for your internet service, and the misunderstanding...

    Part of problem is that there is still no good and simple electronic payment system in Malaysia that allow our customers to pay us in a simple way, and yet has good record trail.

    On behalf on the team at Bizsurf, we apologize. Anyway, love your blog and all the best in Melaka and please consider using our services again in the future if you are back in KL.


    ps: glad your Lasik went well, I did mine at the same place nearly 5 years ago, and its still awesome ;-)