Sea in the City

Ever been to KLCC Aquaria?

Having been to the largest aquarium in England, probably I would say the underwater world in Singapore is still the best by far. Of course, I have ONLY been to 3 aquariums in my life, so what better do I know? :p

But since I'm so kind and had probably ran out of idea where to bring my friends to. This would be the second time I entered the aquarium of KL.

So to make it worth while, I decided to do a bit of cam-whoring, not on myself, on the fishies.

Woo, Flying Manta~~

So cute!! Mommy, can I take her home..

The sign said"Please do not put your hands in the water", so can put your head in lo~

Now I know why they call you devil

Daddy, I want nemo..

Reading the sign -> Pineapple Fish??? Figures~

Shark Teeth!! Hehe

I also did some video shooting around the aquarium (the aquarium should pay me for shooting this ad :p), and this is what I got. Check it out~

TAGHeuer??!! What the hell?

Man, Disney Production should really asked for some product placement fee from TAG. No, that's not right, I should asked the fee from TAG! :p


5 kissed Nicole

  1. Dory is really lost in the tank... maybe you can bring your fren to some nightlife hot spot around kl... they will sure like that. or you didn't film that part?? :P

  2. wow..感覺好好玩~

  3. Hmmm.. Another interesting video though i wouldn't had spent time filming it.. Oh, u spelled mammals wrongly too.. Hee..

  4. devil? thats a lion fish.

    i like the ray and turtle cute!

  5. the best aquarium i have been to?? still a 60 minute dive underwater.... 4 mantas was circling me for 30 minutes at manta point, bali... and that was the best feeling.... they even posed to be photographed....

    the mantas i saw at bali was so different from those at aquaria... more 'cheerful' and they even have cleaner fishes cleaning them while they swim at their cleaning station.....
    i guess holding them captive is not doing them any conservation is to let them roam freely in their ocean and not in such a claustophobic condition.....