A Flowerful Day

It's the first day of Hari Raya, and I got a major surprise this morning. With a faceful of flowers presented to me, I was both delighted and flattered.

After counting the roses, there's a total of 58 roses! Wow, that really made my day. Immediately I took out few empty vases around the house and started flower arranging. There's white, sweet pink, pink, red, orange, yellow and blue roses~! Right~ I haven't done any flower arrangings since my day in England, though I had a few occasions back when I was staying in KL, England was the time when I started having a fetish over flowers. Every week I made sure that I would buy fresh flowers to put in my room, and my room was always full of aroma.

Here are my productions~!

White and Red Roses

Pink and Light Pink Roses

Orange, Yellow and Blue Roses

Miscellaneous Flowers

How how? My flower arrangement skill ok or not? Do give comments~ He he


2 kissed Nicole

  1. The flower arrangement is quite nice and simple... could be better :) keep up the good work... by the way how come you will receive so many flowers?