I have finally decided to transfer my blogging site to here from http://nicootan.blogs.friendster.com/my_blog/

Ever since one incident that friendster accidentally erased all my posts in one night, leaving nothing but my first ever blog. My one year of memories just got washed down the drain. Okay, so it may be my fault for not keeping back-up copies of all postings, but see, I don't have that kind of habit. And I might have taken the site for granted, thinking it will protect my posts forever~ Sigh~~ sweet sweet memories~

I haven't learned much since then, coz I'm not going to keep any backup for this site either, it's just me, hahaha.

Let my journey begins~


3 kissed Nicole

  1. hopefully u r happy with your new home... :0)

  2. Nicolekiss: Chocoa Heaven
    Romantic tagline... kekeke
    now I see why u scored a 43 benchmark in 'Romance test'.
    Pls do shower more sweet lovely entries in this blog...for your readers...

    cos i'm addicted... >.<
    Your BIG fan ...kekeke

  3. that's the one site that's blocked at work... sigh.

    enjoy your new home. but i can't follow :(