Halloween DIY


It's the time of the year again and I am overwhelmed by this festival. Okay, so what it's not a big thing in Malaysia, it's the only time in the year that you get to dress up all gruesome or freaky or slutty while walking down the street and no one would give a damn about you. Okay, so maybe slutty will always grab tons of attraction whether the season or not.

But no matter, I'm not into slutty outfits, those are for sluts, or people who are desperate to use their beautiful figures and revealing attires to be the centre of attention. What? Okay, I envy those whores, happy? Unfortunately I do not possess the most attractive assets. nor the beauty of Aphrodite. So I have to settle for gruesome or wierdos.

Naturally, I love being gruesome, what is there not to love about the ugly and horrible. I always have a tendecy towards gothic culture. If I had a way of life, I would have chosen to become a vampire, sleep in coffin and drink blood eternally. How fascinating =.=

I'm already half vampire anyway, since I don't see much of broad day light due to my nocturnal habit. There's something about the night that I find irresistable. Maybe I should start drinking chicken blood to complete the transformation. (Drinking human blood is illegal) Mmm, I wonder~~

So, in another 12 hours, I will be on the bus to KL to prepare for the party of the year in Zouk. Free entrance for fully dressed costume party-goer. Erm, I have already thought long and hard for the costume. I wanted something out of the world, not slutty or freaky, something horrifying or scary, just like how halloween's suppose to be. Due to my budget, I have to settle for something original and classical.

Wood nymph was my first choice, but finding green body paint would be difficult in Malaysia, not to mention costly. And the outcome would probably make me look like incredible hulk's wife. Idea abandoned~

After going through, the nostalgic ghost, half man half woman, part fairy part devil, etc. I finally decided on the black widow bride. Contradicting? Yes. Why would it fit halloween theme? Well, first of all, widow bride - a bride who lost her husband (groom) on her wedding day, therefore widowed; black widow - a poisonous creepy crawly; black - when attending funeral you would need to wear black. So the costume would fit the title, literally - everything in black. Ha ha.

To cut down on budget, I decided to do a bit of homemade halloween accessories. Check this out.

First, take some fake flowers, preferably white, and spray it black.

Faux Roses I bought from a flower shop, RM3.50

Remeber to layout some newspaper and do the spraying outdoor.

The black spray paint bought from KL arts shop

While waiting for the paint to dry, get a wire hairband,

bought from Sinma, only RM6.50

and a piece of black cloth, any shop that sells fabric cloths.

1.5 meters, RM3. (I never knew there were so many shops selling cloth in Melaka)

Sew the cloth in so,

My needle technique sucks~ Ha ha

then sew the hairband and cloth togeher. Like this,

Turns out not bad~

Rip some shreds and holes at the other end and there you go!

A black Veil for a funeral wedding. (I put on flash to let you see it's slightly transparent)

Now that the flowers are dry. Bring them in and start decorating.

see black rose

Put some glitters on, bought from popular, RM3.50

Whoi-lah, doesn't it look like some expensive fancy flowers that Malays use for their weddings

Don't forget to wrap it.

First step

Second step. Now it's officially a wedding flower bouquet!!

There's all for accessories, now I'm all set for tomorrow? Oh, I mean today. It's 4am in the morning. :p Vampire~

Anyone care to join me? Let's Par-Tay!!!!!


2 kissed Nicole

  1. Splendid entry ;) .... yes indeed those flowers looked pricey with your 'arcrabraca'... hocus pocus... magic touch.
    Didn't noe u had such hands on expertise with DIY projects(even with paint spray); with gifted imaginations & creativity... *thumbs up*
    Now that I noe that you can speak & write fluent english... chinese(poetic literature), a photographer, diamond specialist, dieting practitioner, DIY'er.....
    so wat's next for the multi-talent player... :p

  2. i thought you bought black flower :P so the camouflage must have been more better huh... :P the smell and i bet the flower wont even get crumbled after some time :P