Halloween ROCKS!!

Walking down the street of Aliwal, I kept my eyes peeled for the shop that I have been looking for. Locating the street was one difficult task, if not for my dear friend Guan Jie, I might as well be lost in Singapore for good. After what seems like 20 minutes of searching, I saw the sign board "No 1 Costume Costume".

Claims to be Singapore's biggest costume shop, once entered the front glass doors, I was drowned by rows upon rows of costumes, of all colours and designs, looked almost like hollywood costume storage (except I have never been into Hollywood Movie Production site).

What's shocking was the amount of people in it, from the quiet and looked almost deserted street outside, one would never have thought what was happening inside. It was like Mega sales, only more fascinating. After walked passed the rows and rows of my dream wardrobe, I arrived at the middle of the 'shop' (looks more like a single storey mansion) where most people accumulate, to pay for their outfits and rentals of costumes.

The place was like a dictionary of costumes, anything you want, it's there. Suddenly I regretted not bringing my camera out for the day :( There're witches and ghouls, ghost and vampires, maid and nurses, fairies and devils, Elvis and Marilyn Monroe, even a fit-on Milk Carton, I even saw the gown of queen elizabeth the 1st.

Can u imagine the real thing?

With the amount of costumes rented. it appeared that everyone in Singapore is heading out partying later on. And we had a full preview of what was on that night in that shop as people of all races were trying on the costumes, not to mention extremely hot caucasions and model like girls. It just made me more anxious for the night. And so we spent almost an entire afternoon there looking for the right accessories for my friend and some special make ups for me.

Once I got home, it was time for the preparation. Putting on make ups was hell a lot harder than I thought. Since my title is black widow - gothic style, I need to look the part. So the first step, bleach myself. It took me almost a freakin' hour and half to make myself look fair enough to be dead. With two sponges and half a tub of white body paint gone, this is what I achieve.

Mmm, doesn't look fair enough, maybe I should add more~

Isn't that a nice gown? I though so.. Ha ha... I bought it in England while on sale. It was from Morgan and I simply adore it~!!!

I had an attempt with vampires fangs, but it was so difficult to put on and it wouldn't stick to my gum, worst part, the smell of rubber made me wanna vomit, so I took it off.

Man, do I look scary in these~ see the art design on both side of my eyes?

I also put on my fake crazily long eye lashes,

a bit blur, but very long~~~ first time i wear fake eye lashes

Now my veil and flower, and I'm set to go~!! We took a cap to Zouk and by the time we got there at 11pm, it was already packed with people. Prehistoric men and witches were roaming the streets, the uglies and beautifuls were everywhere to be seen.

The stone age man is hiding in the corner~

White chick in tiara??

The queue was terrifying.. We stood there for almost an hour before it moved a bit.

This is me, waiting in the queue

This is how the queue looked like taken from all the way in the back

Little did I know, we were on the wrong queue all the while, this queue is headed into velvet, I'm suppose to be in Zouk. So one hour of lining up was abandoned and we moved to another que on the far other end of the club. Talk about bad luck. I was flattered that someone wanted to take photos with me when looking for the right queue, that means my make ups pay off well.

This is me standing on the other end of the queue, full body shot

It was sometime later that some kind lady came and tell me that I could actually go all the way ahead in the front of the club and queue at the "costume que" where it is short *clap forehead* I wish someone would go around shouting for direction. Actually, there have been people moving around in their loudspeaker giving out where to queue, it's just that the crowd was too big and I was at the the line were it was too long and too far back to hear anything. -.- *feel like killing myself

Up at the short short queue, I saw these two men at my side,

Bloody Butchers!!

They were directing traffics earlier in front of the club.

Man, if these were the bouncers, I wouldn't wanna mess with them

Things started to get interesting as more halloweenians (I define this as people who dress up for halloween) appeared.

Captain Jack Sparrow, if only he was Johnny Depp

Pretty girls~~ Not sure what they are...

Halloween is great for guys and girls, the old and the young. You can never be too old for halloween and is it the only time of the year where you can dress as almost anything. Even barely nothing~

Honey, if I'm a guy, I would bed you. (Kenny, don't you wish you went to singapore with me now? Ha ha ha)

It was so crowded inside, but it was amazing. Everyone was taking photos in the first few hours of the party. The club was shooting smokey dry ice at everyone, I knew it right at the begining this would be the best party ever!

Those whitish smoke are dry ice~

Just right after this very shot, my camera battery went dead. CURSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was sent circling down a blackhole of madness, devastated that all those amazing people can't be kept for my precious view! But this was resolved slightly a bit as I started requesting people who wanna take a photo of me with them to send me a copy of the photo too. Hehe, I'm good~

This guy, eh hem, gal, er.. whatever, was one of the spotlight of the night, all eyes on him!


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  1. hellya.. HOLLOWEEN in zouk... sure ROCKS
    a stream of 'candy' eye moving- objects; just put your eyes to work :D