Vietnamese Snacks: Ben Thanh Market

Near the end of the trip, mom, half god-brother and I went to Ben Thanh Market for once savour the local drinks and snacks one late afternoon.

Though I must say Indo-china food doesn't differ much from the rest of the South East Asian food we're so accustomed to. Lots of food here resembled food back home.

Some pudding served with ice. Decent sweetness, sorta soft sorta hard. It's was al-right~.


Flavoured milk jelly. This was mildly sweet and has a hard bite to it. You know, like those 'crunchy' sort jelly.

jelly cake

And of course the special local cendo-like drink which my friend introduced on the first day.

vietnamese cendol

I loved this. It was really sweet and tasted slightly different from our normal cendol drink back home, though of course since they used different ingredient to line the bottom of the glass.

I never really liked to eat the stuff though, which unfortunately occupied 50% of the glass.


3 kissed Nicole

  1. Love love loveeeeeeeee the flavored milk jelly!~

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  3. very nice blog.All pictures really looks so yummy..Before reading this blog,I never heard theses names.Thanks for sharing food market research