Around Dalat

After checking into Hang Nga Guesthouse, met the owner and designer, rested a bit, we got out just as sun hit the horizon line.

It was time to explore Dalat town's evening.

We stumbled across this small restaurant serving local Vietnamese food and decided to have dinner there.

me and mom at restaurant in dalat

nicolekiss and mom

Gerald went to have his wine. Staying in Brunei meant he had little access to alcohol, travelling for him meant drinking.

gerald and white winegerald and red wine
A little red and a little white.

Then we went to explore the night market.

dalat town market

There were a lot of cheap winter clothes and socks for sale here. Can you believe I got a pair of VERY decent quality socks for only RM2, thick enough for trekking during winter times.

winter clothes for sale

My mom bought a white winter jacket here which she brought it to Korea a month afterwards.

mom in korea
thumbs up for mom in Korea!

Think she only paid RM90, damn cheap! (the jacket, not the korea trip)

There's not a lot to see, just a quiet romantic town; very cooling.


The next day we hired a driver to take us around Dalat for a day tour.

dalat lake view

Following will be a quick compilation of places we've been.

We went on the cable.

sitting in a cable

farmer watering

Went to see a temple on a hill.

temple bell

me and mom in front of temple

gerald and plant

It was pretty sunny, so I gave a spare of my sunglasses to my mom.

cool mom

Walked down to the lake.

boat and lake

Went to see a waterfall, climbed it.

dalat waterfall


super cool pose

cascading waterfall

Saw a bear.


We took a tabogan down to the waterfall, and back up. Business flourished because of lazy people like us.

tobogan slide

tabogan ride

Tabogan rocks!!

Went to see a pagoda temple that once had a halo on it when looked from a certain angle (some sunlight angle thing which happened totally coincidental, probably once in a few years).

sun and pagoda temple

Don't be fooled by the wide angle photo, the pagoda was rather tall.

And very colorful. Spent a lot of time here camwhoring.

temple gods

ceiling lotus


me and pretty temple wall
i had to snatch the jacket from Gerald because it was too cold for me to bear. Brrr...

me and pretty craved wall

mom at big bell
mom giving the bell a ring. Go mom!

big bell

found on top floor

gerald and dalat view
anyone who's interested in my handsome half-godbrother can send in their resume. keke.

dragon body

monk temple wall

dalat view from pagoda temple
very pretty dalat mountain view

farming industry
green-house farms. Wonder if they're strawberries inside.

Visited a thread painting showroom. Selling really expensive and intricate thread paintings, hand-stitched.

thread painting

girl doing thread painting

3D thread painting

Some of these paintings cost up to half a million ringgit. All quoted in USD.


thread painting showroom

I'm terrible at stitching, I can't even sew a button on.
Least to say my name.

thread names
whichever tourist sewn this was really good.

Finally, as our last stop, we visited a Love Garden. No wonder they say Dalat is romantic.

garden flowers

heart shape
did someone say "love"?

dalat garden of love

We found a tree of fate near the entrance. It was said that if you throw a red ribbon and the ribbon get caught in the tree, your fate of love might just come true.

tree of fate

amber tree of fate

me under tree of fate

v sign at the ole fateful

I didn't know what this meant, but it took Gerald more than once to get that ribbon on the tree. Tee hee.

throw 1

throw 2

throw 3

throw 4

The garden's was a bit run-down but there was a lot of things to see.

Like this fake great wall of China.

me and mom in dalat garden

And terracotta soldiers.

terracotta in dalat

By the time we walked one third of the garden, poor mom was exhausted so we decided to finish the trip then and go back.

me and tired mom

At the end of the journey, we saw the beautiful love river where couples can go down and take a love boat out for a romantic "cycle"?

That's the end of our 2D2N journey in Dalat.

Here's a photo of me on my laptop in a Dalat cafe.



4 kissed Nicole

  1. I can't believe how colorful that it! It looks really neat. So it was cold inside the pagoda?

  2. Nice pictures of Dalat, especially the beautiful waterfall.

  3. hai nicole..
    awk tau tak kite pun ade tempat nama dalat..dlm sarawak? near mukah..dalam daerah sibu klau x silap saya..

  4. Nice place! And before I saw the "LOL" after the bear photo, I was thinking, "Whatever happened to the bear's face?!"