Shooting Range in Vietnam

Every guy I know dreams about using a real gun at least once in their life.

shooting range

It's something I can never figure it out and does not intend to.

I am from Venus afterall.

Vietnam still pretty third-world and therefore there's not a lot of restriction when it comes to businesses that involve firearms, so long it makes money.

One shooting range I can tell you of in Vietnam can be found in the Cu-Chi Tunnel tour. Easy yes? Take the tour and you'll find yourself a shooting range with guns like M16 to AK47.

For a price.

bullet prices

As soon as we arrived here, mom walked straight to the vending machine, bought herself a drink and sat and waited for us. Mom, oh, mom.

So naturally, as a guy, Gerald's first instinct was so head over to the counter and bought himself some ammo of AK47.

gerald using ak-47

Situated in a forest, shooting range here allowed you to feel how it was like to fire a bullet in a battle in Vietnam forest back in the 60's. The explosion thundered through the trees with an echo lingering on.

I could go deaf here.

And I wondered if the workers here already were.

gerald at shooting range

Despite the ear-protector, Gerald found his ears rang through to near deafness with each trigger he pulled. And the force the AK47 emitted was so strong, even a build such as his was pushed backward and he nearly toppled over the first time.

If it were me, I'd imagine myself be blown and smashed right into the wall behind.

After your shooting expedition, you could bring home some real empty bullets as souveniers.


Though how you're gonna bring it through custom at the airport I have no idea.

Don't blame me if you find yourself in a lock-up in the custom of your country, or Vietnam's.

Here are some souveniers the Americans left during the Vietnamese war.


No, I'm not giving you any idea.


3 kissed Nicole

  1. Wow, sounds like fun! Though not the ear-deafening part...

  2. i'm imagining a human-target running in the field dodging bullet. wtf.

  3. If I were to go there with someone I dislike, I'll be in Vietnamese prison after the tour...