Crazy House, Dalat, Vietnam

Also called the Hang Nga Guesthouse, (introduction here)

Is one of the most bizarre boutique hotels in the world.

crazy house architecture

I first read about this particular boutique was in some random foreign online travel site, sort of like Times. There were a couple of photos and very fairy-tale like description of the place, very vague, but I was hooked.

So when my mom said she was interested to visit Vietnam, I leaped on the opportunity to embark on a journey to seek out this magical place.

white staircase

hang nga house

First of all, this hotel was built and designed as a house by the daughter of the former president of Vietnam, who has a doctorate in Architecture, namely Hang Viet Nga (hence the house name).

hotel hang nga

She's an old lady with poise, albeit very bizarre attitude towards the world, indifferent one may call her.

I wanted to meet her after hearing bits and pieces of stories of her. So I asked for an interview.

It took her nearly an hour to walk down from her room, which she hardly came out, to meet me at the reception. We adjourned to her living room (well, it was supposed to be her house) and chatted.

owner of crazy house

Despite the obvious old age, she dressed rather stylishly due to her aristocratic upbringing, can you believe she is 71 years old this year?

Nothing is normal in Hang Nga Guesthouse. Nothing is symmetrical, or round, or square, or anything; but loads of intertwines and curves, looping around defying dimensions.


You could find a skinny branch-like stairs leading up to the sky, elevating to the second/third floor amongst the trees, or some hidden chambers just around the corner.

crazy bridge

The place was mysterious and enchanting.

lady pole

Some said it's a fusion architecture of Disneyland and buildings of Antoni Gaudi's in Barcelona (whom I have strongly admired during my stay in Spain); though Madame Hang Viet Nga has never been to either of the place.

stair up to grey building

buffalo house

One of the most significant structure in the guesthouse has to be this five-story tree-house made of swirly staircase and different themed rooms, you'll be surprised at how many hidden entrances there were to enter this building.

hang nga house rooms

two stairs into one

There are 10 rooms of a different animal/forest item/insect with jungle and forest as their main theme, plus one more room which has been converted to souvenir shop. Though I should suspect one of the rooms (listed or not) was Madame Hang Viet Nga's own room.

We stayed in Tiger Room, consisted of two double beds.

tiger room 3

tiger room

tiger room 2

reflection of me and cookie
oh hello

tiger room 4

Land Eagle room which you have seen before in the previous post.

land eagle room

Among other animals and plant.

bear room

kangaroo room

bamboo room

bamboo room bed

I thought the cutest room was the Honeymoon room, which was a tiny two storey space, made of bamboo-like stairs leading up to an attic-like bedroom. Very private, very small, very cosy.

bamboo staircase

honeymoon room

The souvenir shop was originally a room made to look like Winnie the Pooh's owl's tree house.

sunlight shone in souvenier shop

crazy house bed
love the window

The beds in Hang Nga, I'd soon come to realise, were a bit dusty due to lack of stays of actual guests, most were just visitors during the day; which was unfortunate for us because that meant the grounds of the hotel lack privacy for its guests.

bed and mirrors

But that also meant you have all the privacy to explore its garden at night, which was the prettiest thing.

pretty lights

"Walk through my door, and I'll bring you to another world, of giant spider webs and swirly stairs" *Cue theme song*

entrance to crazy house

It's even more fun to roam the, albeit small, garden at night.

spider web light

crazy house pretty lane

crazy house garden

hang nga house garden

gerald and hang nga house

spider web lights

"So next time you think there's no more fairy tale in life, think of a secret garden and a Crazy house, tuck away in a far far away land." *cue end theme song*

crazy house jungle view

*pull curtains* giggle

Some photos of me in Crazy House.


crazy house bridge

crazy house window and me

Here are a few details you might want to know if ever you're paying this mysterious place a visit.

Hotel Hang Nga / Crazy House
Address: 3 Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Dalat, 20000, Vietnam
Contact: (063) 822070

Room prices (in photo):
crazy house room price

Photo album of Crazy House: here.

I know some of you already started marking your next destination d. Hehehe...


9 kissed Nicole

  1. Yeah, it does make me think of Gaudi's in Barcelona. Don't know about Disneyland though... :P

  2. The room looks interesting but I wonder why 'fireplace' is needed? Anyway I am allergy to dust, so the dusty part turns me off =(

    *was even planning to stay there*

  3. wow. this plc really is kinda bizzare. I can tell from the pics that it is a bit dusty. Interesting still.

  4. Hi, just discovered your Blog!
    Great blog, Keep going!
    I was in Dalat 2 months ago.
    Great little romantic city, love it!

  5. I want to do the honeymoon one! Awesome room, love the architecture of the ceiling/walls/windows. The huge mirror facing the bed is a nice touch for sexy honeymooners, too.... :-P

  6. I love the garden at night!!! And I can see the Disneyland connection too haha..

    But sigh, the dust... my hubby's skin is too sensitive for that.. TT

  7. tat is one cool crazy hotel! nice photos nicole :)

  8. don't you have the internet adress of this interesting hotel to make a reservatin

  9. does this hotel have any guests?