Eggshell Paintings Factory

After HCMC city, we decided to get away from the city to do a bit of the outskirt sight-seeing, which brought us to an eggshell painting factory.

washing up painting
workers washing up the final paintings.

They don't just see eggshells alone, there's also sea-shells where they cut and polish and carved into paintings.

cutting eggshell

shells design

If you find it perculiar that someone even thought about producing something with discarded eggshells, then have you ever seen a painting like this before?

unpolished eggshell painting

Surprise, surprise, that's eggshell painting to you.

Like sprinkling confettin on a glue-ready canvas, eggshell has exactly the same concept, only with few more steps. Like polishing, coloring, etc.


eggshell painting

pretty eggshell painting

arranging eggshell painting

And not just paintings they did, it could be housewares of plates, trays, bowls, spoons, etc.

touching up

Then there's the shell painting, where it could be a painting adorned completely with those shiny shells (I've seen one and really expensive, a painting of an Asian dragon), or a painting of colors and shells.

shell painting

polishing shells painting

carving shell painting

Or both, sea shells and eggshells.

polished egg shell tray
The prettiest tray I've ever seen. If I could spare the extra cash, I would have brought this baby home.

Other painting:

finished eggshell painting

Then we moved to their store as we're exciting.

Finish products:

factory store


my mom
my mom

eggshell plates

pretty vases

yellow flower

bottom of a vase

corner of a painting

two fish

wine holders

shell vases

eggshells plates

vietnames ladies paintings

Don't you feel like buying one now? :p


3 kissed Nicole

  1. Hi Nicole! Do you know the location of this factory? I'm working in HCMC here and the painting is beautiful. And I'm sure it's much cheaper to buy directly from the factory rather than Ben Thanh.

  2. hi DT, I'm not sure where the factory was as we were on a local random tour we took from our hotel. Perhaps you can ask some of the local budget hotels abt it. Though the price at the factory wasn't exactly cheap so I don't think it would make any difference to go all the way out there.

  3. Wow, they look lovely!