Cao Dai

I learnt about a new religion while I was in Vietnam.

It's called Cao Dai (pronounced as cow-die). It's actually written as such in Vietnamese: Cao Đài (道高台).

Tay Ninh Holy See

We took a tour out to see the first temple built of it, called the Tay Ninh Holy See.

I won't go in too much detail on the religion, you can read it here.

But basically Cao Dai belives in one Holy See (the holy eye) as one true spirit, way before god was born. And that all religions we know of today: Christianity, Buddism, Islam, etc were all of the same origin, we were all taught the same thing:


love and justice.

A story:
the three saints

front of Tay Ninh Holy See

I saw Jesus, Guan Yin and various other gods lining up all under the Eye. Or the Holy See.

the eye
from outside.

back of Tay Ninh Holy See

inside the temple you can see one huge ball with an eye adorned in the front placed in the front part of the temple, where hundreds of followers will come to pray to everyday.

inside Tay Ninh Holy See

Like Christianity, they have ranks such as pope, bishops, and priests. And they normally wear very colorful robes.

cao dai priests
Cao Dai priests

We were there to witness one of their daily morning praying session. It was rather grand for such a small scale religion in such a remote part of the world.


prayers inside Tay Ninh Holy See

praying session

Tourists were allowed to walk around the second floor to stay and observe throughout the session, a way to raise awareness of the religion to foreigners.


cao dai praying session

praying session 2

colorful robes

During a grand occasion, the temple would be packed with thousands of followers and prayers, however this was just an everyday prayer of smaller crowd.

from the back

guardian at the back

colorful columns


As estimate of the Cao Dai adherents was said to be 2-3 millions globally.


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