Best Location for Hide-and-Seek

This is a hole.

the hole

A very small hole.

the hole 2

This is me in the hole.

i'm going in

This is me trying to go down the hole.

entering the hole

This is me bending my legs to go down the hole.

halfway in cuchi tunnel hole

This is me bending my legs and taking in my breath to go down the hole.

go going

And this is... ... err... ... the forest ground.



I think I found the best place for hide and seek.

Spread over 75 hideable miles, this is every kid's dream come true. So long as I don't get to be the finder.

Located in Southern Vietnam, it's called the Cu Chi Tunnels (pronouce: koo-chee)

Oh.. and.. this is Gerald...

Stuck in the hole.

gerald stuck


ps// not suited for people taller than 189cm.


3 kissed Nicole

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  2. best place to hide but also best place to get lost. haha. imagine if the finder gives up and decides not to find you anymore. you'll be waiting there thinking why is it taking them so long. :)

  3. I'm only 178cm tall, yeah, I can hide in there :p