Samila Beach - 2 Girls 1 Mermaid

Back to the long awaited Hat Yai posts that I'm dying to finish, since last year. Hehe.

A little bit of recap, brought my friend Wendy to Hat Yai to ease her broken-heart from that ever idiotic ex-bf of hers who took away 2.8 years of her beautiful youth. Hmph.

So on the second day, decided to rent a car and go out to see the outer part of Hat Yai.

rental car

There's no taxi in Hat Yai, it's either tuk-tuk or motoraxi. And to get to the Samila beach, I doubted a little motor-powered cart could bring us that far, hence it had to be a rented car.

It was going to be dirty, I assumed (and I was right, back to that later, maybe in the next post) so I geared up for an outing in my Tough cargo pants (most expensive cargo pants ever bought - RM400) and went out.

me preparing to go out

Turned out Wendy came down the lift in her mini skirt. -.- right~

Half an hour of squeezing and wheezing through and out of the city, we arrived comfortably and swiftly at the Samila Beach.

samila beach

There were many food stalls at the roadside where the cars parked, so we walked along these, bought some lunch before landing our feet on smooth feeling sand.

fried stuff

beach stall

Also saw something familiar.

selling half formed eggs

was this chicken or duck fetus egg?

duck egg or chicken egg

I think it's chicken egg. It looked like chicken egg.

duck egg

No I didn't buy and eat that. But I did eat a half-formed duck fetus egg in Cambodia years ago. Yummy.

But I did buy the ever-delicious pineapple. I don't know what's up with Thailand pineapple but they're the sweetest pineapple I've tasted in any tropical country in this part of the world.

best thailand pineapples

me and my pineapples

Wendy's lunch consisted of a sausage.

wendy eating on the sand

Yes, that's how she stayed so slim. -.-

waiting to take a photo with the mermaid

me and the golden mermaid

The infamous Samily beach mermaid statue.

me and the samila beach mermaid

I used to see a miniature of this statue in my house, though till today I wasn't sure if my parents got it from Thailand and some foreign country that's further away. You know, where mermaid tale was created.

nicole and samila beach mermaid

me and wendy and mermaid

wendy and i pretending to be mermaid
two mermaids, oh wait, I mean three.

wendy and mermaid
Wendy is single and available right now. She's the most loyal decent girlfriend any guy can have, and can grown rather attached to the guy she loves. okay I hope she doesn't kill me now. :p

Okay I know this is not a long post, but just want to show you Samila beach in Hat Yai.

samila beach and tourists

wendy at samila beach

me at samila beach

wendy at samila beach 2

Spotted colorful cotton candy nearby.

cotton candy

eeek! I loved these.

When I was a kid I could never get enough of these.

Then saw two big statues of a cat and a mouse.

wendy and kit and cat statue

nicole and mouse

wendy and big cat

wendy with cat and mouse statue

There's a mythical story behind these two statues, but I'm too lazy to write them down.

It involved another dog. And a rich merchant on a ship. It's a weird story.

But anyway, heading to Songkhla Aquarium next!


3 kissed Nicole

  1. I see you praise your friend Wendy until so good. Can try organize blind date for me and her? LOL

  2. you guys were at a beach. why not in bikinis????