Evil Neighbor's God

Yesterday as I was packing, moving up and down abouts the condo. I spotted that the evil neighbor's curtain was taken out for a wash (on purpose?).

And for the first time I had a clear view of what was placed in their living room.

The god figure under red spotlight...

neighbor's god

So without a second though, I whipped out my camera and took a photo. You know, for reference. And as proof. Just in case.

Today I booted up my computer and uploaded the photo onto my desktop. On a 21-inch screen, everything became clearer. On closer inspection, it looked sort of like "bao gong" - 包公.

angry god

Now I'm not really an expert on gods, Chinese gods in particular. And even though I know 'bao gong' is not technically a god, but a noble judge in the Ming Dynasty. However that doesn't stop people from praying to his statue.

But for what I know the 'bao gong' I always knew sort of look like this, sitting patiently with both arms on thighs.

Like this.

'bao gong' image obtained from google.

Does anyone know what god this is then?

angry god

On a bigger perspective, none of these details matter really. Whatever he's praying to, or believe in, it made him a very very angry person. (Read here if you don't understand what I'm talking about here)

So angry that he had to resort to exert physical actions on his wife and daugther, and verbal abuse on his neighbors, and of course, setting curses on us. -.-

Oh well, it's one more day before we can finally move everything out.

God bless that evil man. However it turns out for him, and his family.

ps// someone helpfully suggested it's Guang Gong. Wasn't Guang Gong a warlord? Was that why he was so angry? ha ha lame joke nvm me.


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  1. I think I ever saw this kinda statue in temples, hmm... but it does cause me goosebumps..

  2. that's guan gong.. we have one in my parents' house. usually chinese or those hong kong police will pray him. and also a figure used to scare ghost.

  3. Looks like a Guan Gong to me. Usually people who do business pray to Guan Gong or like what Baby said, HK Police stations pray to him.

    I think like what you guess, he's always angry because of praying to guan gong. Guan Gong has the fierce look and I dont think anyone will be cheerful looking at it everyday?

    Anyway, luckily you are moving out. Only God knows what will happen if you continue stays there. *goosebumps*

  4. Guan Gong is a noble warrior, not a warlord. He is known and remembered for his integrity, honor and courage (in the period of 3 Kingdoms). Yes, both the HK Police Force and Traids pray or ask Guan Gong for protection and blessing against harm and injuries. Guan Gong facial expression is not of anger or ferocity but one that express a serious and determined to succeed against all odds. It also has an expression of no-nonsense, as it shows he is a disciplined and understand the seriousness of warfare. And yes, often it is said to ward off evil spirits.
    I have been told that only those who have something to hide or have committed an act of betrayal or deceit against their family or close-friends or business-partners gets a negative reaction.
    When a person is always angry and is abusive, it probably has more to do with his own perception/outlook of life in general and this may exhibit behaviour of selfishness and stubborness and yes, anger. This has nothing to do with Guan Gong.

  5. I've seen a number of people praying Guan Gong and it's quite common among malaysian chinese actually(not sure about others). FYI, Guan
    Gong is not an evil god, and like 武 said, I think there has nothing to do with it.=)

  6. its okay can stay afresh. Toast a new and fresh life

  7. refers to kena bomoh entry

  8. There are bad muslims, good muslims, bad taoist, good taoist, bad christian and good christian.

    Religion has nothing to do with a person's personality.

    I've seen Christian who cheats and lie, i've seen muslims that take bribes and then go to mosque, i've seen taoist that couldn't bother to help others.