It’s Alive!!!! Not.

**Content below is strictly for people who are eating, about to eat, or have just eaten. Nicolekiss does not hold responsible for any undesirable outcome.

You have been warned unethically.


On with the show. Now it’s commonly known by my peers that I will try (to eat) anything at least once. And I mean anything.

Be it life worms (which I so wanted to try but never had the chance to) or dead spiders.

Call it a dare devil thing, I’m just adventurous in the food sector and the curiosity of wanting to know how each food taste like drive my enthusiasm in fear factor food tasting.

This was no different when I travelled to Cambodia.

me in siem reap hostel room
In my hostel room with my new hair

me posing in front of hostel toilet
View from toilet. The wonder of self timer

As I was cycling around the town of Siem Reap following my previous entry, I came across this group of Cambodian ladies squatting in a corner in front a tourist shopping centre stuffing their face over something.

sales girls gathering eating duck fetus eggs

So I went up to ask them in SLOW English what they were doing.

Turned out, they were surrounding this vendor lady selling some sort of eggs.

vendor selling duck fetus eggs

Holy shit, isn’t this the duck fetus egg I have been seeing and hearing everywhere in Indo China? You know, the egg where the fetus has matured into a baby duck but not fully a duck form yet?

I know I have sworn to NOT eat one of these things due to the many things I heard from friends that this devilish stuff can cause a hell of a stomach feud.

Next thing I know, I was squatting among them waiting for my very own, and first, duck fetus egg.

duck fetus egg on a plate

Yes, why not, serve with a bit of salt, garlic and chilli, it looks “delicious”~ *barf look*

I was taught how to eat one of these things.

First, you crack open the shell on the top like you would with half boil egg for breakfast.

And it will expose a layer of membrane revealing the boiled (cooked) yellow yolk underneath.

duck fetus egg when open

Peel it off and stuck a spoon in it.

duck fetus egg yolk
Sick, I know.

Now spoon it out.

spooning duck fetus egg

If you’re about to barf now, perfect.

What you are looking at now it’s the feathers of the semi deformed baby duck (or fetus), you have probably scooped the eye, beak, brain and bones out for all I know but it would be too mixed up to really recognise it.

I’ll show a different angle.

duck fetus egg

Because it’s still in a fetus form, the bones are pretty soft you can actually gorge the whole thing down with ease.

Now, you have to trust me on this. IT DOES NOT TASTE AS BAD AS IT LOOKS. In fact, to be really honest, with a bit of lime, chilly sauce and salt, it’s actually pretty damn good! Albeit bit high in cholesterol.

me eating duck fetus egg in siem reap cambodia
Cheers mate~

So why not have a duck fetus egg when you travel to Cambodia, Laos or Philippines? It's all over the place, remember to look for the stalls or vendors who boil their eggs properly or you might be spend the night on the toilet bowl.

Now the last photo I’m just being pretty mean and if you have not barfed at this point, congrats.

inside duck fetus egg
Can you see the wings? O, and I think I spotted a beak?

Quack~! (evil grin)


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  1. I think I'll stick to foetus-free eggs. They're pretty good even without the lime, chilli and garlic...

  2. hmmmm excellent topic pre dinner time, nice going nic!

    tell me, did what go in look as gross as what came out later?


  3. erm... what abt the feathers? you eat it together with it?? so.... what does it taste like? half duck, half century egg, half normal duck egg? curious guy here =P

  4. I can wank to them duck foetuses any day!!

  5. You're definitely warped and sick! U need a man badly.

  6. i wonder how u eat it.. its pretty yucky.. from the look of it.. it will put me off from eating it... anywy.. its cool to see u enjoying it..


  7. Oh my eyes!! my eyes!!

  8. Oh goodness! Thanks for showing me those pics. When i was in the philipines recently they wanted me to try 'balut' which i believe is what you ate in those pics. Thank God we didn't have the time to look for them. I would have puked!!

  9. Thank you for the disclaimer.

  10. NO WAY U ATE THAT!!!?!?!?!?!

  11. My Goodness~!!!!! @.@

  12. ohmygod i am sorry nicole but this is just too inhumane.i can't believe you ate it.

  13. oh. my. god. that's just plain gross.

    but i don't see what's so 'inhumane' about it considering it's a local delicacy and is not banned..

  14. Urgh...balut.

  15. At least in Cambodia, they serve balut with a bit of salt, garlic, chilli and basil leaves. In the Phillipines, it's served garnishings at all....ultra urgh!!!

  16. Okay.. i am gonna have bad appetite for the next 3 days....




  18. U u u eat Strawberry looks cute wor...

    ehh...the Balut thing what do they call it in Cambodia ar?...(*_*)"

  19. holy mathafucking jesus! i've nothing against it but holyshit. it's sick and you've almost succeeded in making me barf.

    but i was thinking, what exactly does it taste like? x|

  20. :-) u r the cutest thing i have seen for a long time!

    very nice blog.

    enjoyed my tour of ur archives.

    keep it up....


  21. Ate balut once in the PI in 1989. I remember it tasting, well, like a strong egg. Not bad, but would not do it again. Jon

    PS, great blog

  22. Oh, so that's it! I have a friend who once mentioned to me that she wouldn't dare to try century eggs because she'd heard that there was a foetus in it. Guess she was referring to this.

    I just ate, but I didn't barf :P Guess I was forewarned. I don't think I'd dare try it though, the look of it really puts me off.

  23. hello!!
    It's your roomate Gracey from the hostel!! (The blonde one bottom bunk interacter girl:) I can't believe that I've been home for a week now:( IT's depressing! The girls and I missed you dearly once you were gone! Hope all is well!

  24. Looks like Ayamas!

    ...but I rather eat a roasted grown duck. Thanks for sharing

  25. OMG Gracey! Don't you just miss Cambodia! I DO! We HAVE to keep in touch, add me in msn or something.

  26. Holy Crap!..i wanna throw up!!Nice blog but the " gourmet" is too extreme im afraid..

  27. Ooh, my!! Adventurous! I don't think I'll ever have that through my throat, what more in my tummy!
    It's hard to even make me eat chicken feet.
    Awesome blog ya have here, Nicole :) And your dyed hair looks good.

  28. It actually taste not so bad as what you see it in nic photo. :)
    Agree with you nic, at least try it once for all if not you will never know how it taste like. :) Cheers.


  29. David de Borja14/5/08 11:32 AM

    Wow first time eating one eh? Glad that you liked it. In Philippines we call it Balut, and usually ours will be chicken eggs. Either way they do taste good, but for me it would be the liquid in it that always makes it tastes better. Good to know you're always trying different food from different countries. As I always say, the scenery, food and the people are the best part in any country! Oh I love your new hair, great colour and length! :D keep up the good work and can't wait to read more of your adventures! =D

    David de Borja

  30. nicole is daring! eheh..if u dont try it NOW, u won't have the chance when u grow up..huhu..rite nicole?

  31. I have been waiting for you to post this up...So this is how it looks like...*runs off to puke* I don't mind trying though, once in a lifetime experience what, right? =)

  32. hi nicole..nice pictures LOL.....i ate fried scorpions before but foetus egg...not gross...u got msn??

  33. my fucking god. no way.

  34. it doesn't look pretty, but hey, it's a local delicacy! and eating baby ducks is no more inhumane that eating grown up ducks if u r talking about lives..

  35. Poor little duckling. =(

  36. i would not eat that but kudos that you did .. the sight would have made me run far away ..does it smell? what does it smell like?

  37. heh heh heh...i guess Nicole will swallow too!

  38. I'll only believe it when i see one in your mouth...LOL

  39. i am quite culinary-adventurous wan, and i dun EEWW at many things.... however, this is a big EEWW EEWW!!!

  40. Nicole! Did you really have a bite?

    Kenny Sia!!! Your snake blood, gall etc is nothing man! Nicole beat you!

    Nicole! You are the Queen!!

  41. Nic, youre my woman !! The Phon They Khun you had is something like 20 over days ?? The one I had was slightly less than 20days..was just nice..without da feathers !!!

  42. JAcky : The balut thing is called Phon Thae Khun in Cambodia.You really has to try it yourself..its delicious !!!!

  43. Wat on earth r u doin to urself...OMG...hw cud u let that stuff pass ur mouth....Neva eva saw that side of u...Have u tried signing up 4 fear factor???? U'd probably win a million $$ or somthin....

  44. holy mother of god....disguisting is really an understatement here!

  45. very nice even without all those lime n wateva... lols. my favourite! .. first tried in philipines.! heh ! gona try next time!! euh.. im missing them! haha!

  46. will not kiss u......hehehehehe

  47. looked gross man... but I think it's all in the mind, and I believe that it's pretty delicious...

    will probably try it if I have the chance... buahahahaha... :)

  48. I just had my dinner before i came here! OMG OMG OMG! It's so gross. I can't even bear the look of it, what more you ate it. Salute you man!

  49. This is very daring from you! I certainly won't try anything like that!

  50. I think I just throw up, so what's for dinner? ;D

  51. Holy crap.

    I think they served it up for the contestants in survivor china.

    I will stick to eggs without the feathers and.. pink stuff.

  52. i just puked .... puked again. PUKED.

  53. Awwww....full with Vitamin C

  54. hm... nice photos.
    i wanna taste it soon.

  55. You is sick14/8/08 11:44 AM

    hope you enjoy it one day when someone cut you open and take your foetus away.

  56. omg you really ate yaksss