Cursed (Kena Bomoh)

So I have been missing for several days, and so many things have happened these several days it's absurd.

For one, life has turned upside down for me when I woke up one day realising I was living in a painful reality of lies. I'll skip that part for most of the part right now, since it's too personal and private to talk about about it.

Then I found that my condo has been cursed, yes literally, like "kena bomoh".


And I never really believed this, hearing it from parents and friends never change my skeptical perception on the world and its spiritual realm... that was until I experienced it myself.

I know many of you have heard that line before: oh I never believe it till it actually happened to me.

Well it did.

And till today I wasn't sure if it's psychological or actual dark spirits at work, but I was having really odd moods and always wanted to sleep all day long. I meant, I could sleep up till 18 hours a day and still want to sleep more. Worst part, I was getting nightmares, and the last one struck me so hard it woke me up sobbed in tears.

To top it off, I was getting in fouler and fouler mood, if that explained the angry and moody tweets I've been throwing off on the internet. Sorry about that.

Let me explain.

It started one day, exactly 6 days ago when one morning, my baby found a red string tied to the gate of our condo where the padlock should go. It bound the gate together and we had no idea who did it. But it was creepy.

Red string? Haven't we heard that one before.

Now to explain what further happened, I have to talk about my neighbor, and not just any neighbor, this particular grumpy scrawny middle-age man that lives diagonally from my condo.

I have 7 neighbor on my floor and he is particularly the most evil person I have ever met, not just any neighbor. He used to burn these Chinese money-for-the-dead in front of his house, on the 17th floor, next to the voltage room!!

And could you believe how he smoked all our condos every twice a month he did that?! An utterly inconsiderate man!

That's not all. Whenever someone went up to him and advised against him on his burning act, he would grab a metal stick and threatened to hit you and then chased you away while throwing swears at you.

He was nasty. And he's been nasty to the neighbors for YEARS.

So we called the fire department.

Bla bla bla. Skip the dreary details, fire dept came and he was fined RM10,000 for burning "kim-chua" on a high-rise building, which could set the building on fire.

That was 10 months ago.

Few months later, my baby's car got scratched, three long key-scratch from front to back of his BMW.

(not my baby's car, just an example)

A month after that, one of his tyres was punctured (technically, the valve-cap was unscrewed to let the air out) and had to be towed to a nearby mechanic while mid-way driving on the road.

And then it happened again. Yes, TWICE that bastard punctured our tyres.

And how did we know it was him who performed the deed? Well, he gave it away by parking his Camry in the visitor's parking instead of his given parking lot (which was two cars next to ours) for one whole week.

Point 1: There was survellaince in the visitor's parking (none in our given parking lot area);
Point 2: hiding his car on a different level parking lot.

He just gave himself away as the culprit of all these sneaky indecent slimy acts. That bastard.

Now I have seen inside his condo before, through the curtains, and I knew what I saw, and it wasn't the buddha or the guanyin statue I saw inside that's glowing under the spotlight of red and orange lights. So I'd assume here it's, dare I say, a devil (evil god). Or in Chinese, "xie shen".

the statue I saw wasn't colorful, but just to show you how creepy seeing something this creepy feels like.

I don't know what he's praying but it made him a really angry man, like all the time. It's not the first time I saw him slapped his daugther for not obeying him. There's even one time he whacked her little 6 year-old daugther so hard across the tiny cheek for not obeying him to stand in front of the house, she went to the lift to press the lift button which was 5 tiny steps away from his door.

An old uncle saw it and told him that was not the right way to teach a his daugther, and the evil man scolded that old uncle for dipping in other people's business. WTF?!

Some should call the child abuse authority to take this man to jail!

A day after spotting the red string incident, we found an old lady wandering in front of our door one evening, after hearing footsteps near our place, but she got away by the time we tried to unlock and open the gate to go after her.

You see, we live at the end of a corridor, with our door facing the corridor, so there's no reason for anyone to even walk in the corridor that technically belonged to us unless they want to come into the house.

What was she doing out there? God knows. Or may I say, only the devil knew.

(I'm assuming that old lady is the evil man's mother)

Then finally, a day after that, or exactly on Thursday (four days ago), as my baby stepped in after getting back from work, his foot felt something buldging from beneath the 'welcome' mat outside our door. He lifted the mat up...

Guess what he found?

It was a palm-size black sheet of paper, with a brush of red ink on it, wrapped in dried reptile skin.

it looked something like this.

OMFG it's so creepy talking about it even gave me the pimples now!

F F F F !!!!!

We packed, left and never returned.

Till today.

Only to return in the afternoon to box up the things in the house and started my first day of.... MOVING OUT.

Yes. In a short four days, decision has been made. I am to move out from that cursed place for good. And I have one week to pack before I hand the keys over to my landlord.

And no, I'm not sleeping there anymore.

And in case you're wondering, vivid nightmares of my mom being torned apart to death while sleeping in that place motivated my decision to move out pronto.

ps// a neighbor old aunty told us today that evil man abuses his wife and daugther all the time, for the past 5 years.

pps// if for any reason you think I'm giving in to some superstitious "curse" and denied myself access to my home; I see it this way, even if it's not real, these crazy acts would still be psychologically disturbing to continue living in that space, and if you can't even feel safe or comfortable in your own home, how is it still called a home? Especially staying in close proximity with a neighbor that prays to evil god and abuses his wife and daugther. That thought alone is worrysome enough.

Not to mention the liability to have your cars damaged, scratched and punctured an incosiderable amount of time. If you act back, you're only as low as them, and the battle never ends; if you don't, it's too bloody costly to keep fixing up the car, or giving it a new paint job. So why bother? Moving is the sanest move thus far.

ppps// he parked both his Camry and Altis in the visitor's parkings today. Ah hah!


12 kissed Nicole

  1. Nicole. 15999 is the number to call to report domestic violence and child abuse. Please do not let this monster torment his wife and Kid(s) any further. ( You may remain anonymous to lodge the report.)

  2. Alpha-Stager. You let me move out first, then I call ok? Later he installed a bomb underneath my car.

  3. Gonna dial 15999 right now! ROAR!

  4. Is moving out of the condo enough? The curse is on the condo? You sleep peacefully after moving out?

  5. Considering the fact that I went to your house so many times, it creeps me wei...

  6. Move out is the first thing u shud do and never return to that creeeeeeepy place anymore~ why in the world would that creeepy man wanna do something to u all?? :\

  7. Such a fucker! Shld really report this guy. Evil evil man. Whr is this condo n what's it called ?

  8. wow what a creep! move out now!

  9. thats scary..Right decision to move out!

  10. hope that you've shifted out for good. take care

  11. Maybe you need to jump over a traditional stove with fire before you move into your new house, just to be sure....