How to Drink Wasabi Shot

Never heard of a Wasabi Shot?

Oh then you're in for an gastronomic adventure ride.

Learnt and drank in Daikanyama from those crazy bartenders with a creative chef that excelled in Japanese cuisine, Wasabi shot is a tequila shot drink which you take with... you guess it... wasabi.

wasabi on hand

Here are the steps.

1. First prepare the ingredients, you would need one shot of tequila, one shot of tomato juice and a teaspoon of wasabi. This is for one serving. No salt required.

tequila and tomato juice

2. Next, spread the wasabi over your hand, like how you would with salt when you take a tequila shot.

wasabi on hand

3. To start off. Lick off the wasabi from your hand into your mouth.

taking wasabi shots

You heard me. Take it in raw.

Now don't do anything to it yet. Just let the wasabi rest on your tongue, do not squash it with your tongue (if you do, it's at your own risk from here buddy).

4. Very quickly, take the tequila shot BUT DO NOT DRINK it yet.

drinking wasabi shots

Instead, swirl it around inside your mouth with the wasabi to blend it together.


Relax, the wasabi won't hit you, yet.

5. Now, swallow. Tequila and the wasabi.

6. Follow up with the tomato juice.

bryan taking tomato juice

Savour this for a while before you swallow as this would help kill off the "kick" from the wasabi almost instantaneously.

casey taking tomato juice

Swallow the tomato juice.

And you're done!

casey showing his tongue

You have done the Wasabi Shot.

*standing ovation*

You shall now experience the heating sensation in your stomach the wasabi is stirring in there. Fun eh?

Remember to take some food, it'll ease the heat.


4 kissed Nicole

  1. Interesting.

    Try this recipe...

    White Horseradish blended by juicer and drink straight. No additives. Nothing else.

    Suppose to improve the lungs esp if you are asthmatic.

  2. interestinG! never heard of such a thing until today..

  3. Wow..I never heard of it either! But hey, where are YOU in all this? I hope you tried it too! ;P

  4. More wasabi drink recipes can be found at There are also a couple on the website. Interesting stuff, this will probably be the drink in 2011/2012.