RM1000 Ticket Fine / Saman

Okay I wanted to blog about my travels but then I got tired and it's already 2:44am and I feel like snuggling into my freshly washed duvet sheets so I'm just going to tell you what happened two days ago to my car.

You see, my baby went racing about three four weeks ago and he changed his tyres to these racing tyres which were smaller so it made the car lower than it already was, which meant it could be a bitch to drive around the city with so many bumps around the roads at times.

PS// he's selling four used toyo r888 80% thread for sale; 195/55/15. PM me at nicootan@gmail.com if you're interested. Used only once on track. Ori price: RM350. Selling at RM200 per tyre.

So anyway, he was driving my car around and on his way back from his meeting, he came across a roadblock, in my ChocoMyvi.

The sneaky policemen saw that he was alone in the car (it has come to my attention that rasuah police always love to stop cars that has only a single male driver) and asked him to pull over.

Half way across town I was waiting happily and hungrily at home for my baby to come pick me to bring me to dinner.

But after two hours of said return time and still no sign of him, I was getting worried. So I went to check my phone, only to find out that my baby has been held by the police for almost the past hour on the highway, being accused of carrying drugs in my car?!


So according to the police, they suspected that he was carrying drugs in my ChocoMyvi and needed to do a search (poor ChocoMyvi, molested by those dirty police hands).

It was apparent what they were trying to do, empty threats, pfft. These won't scare my baby.

So anyway, obviously they couldn't find anything, and by now you should think they would just let him go right?


They then accused my baby for drunk driving.


He just came back from a business meeting, at 6:45pm?!!! What drinking accusations are you making of this?!!

So they did a breathalyzer on him and guess what... yes... it was positive.

Not the first time a rigged breathalyzer has been used on him or me, won't be our last encounter.

Just for the record, he didn't even sip a single drop of alcohol that day. Amazing isn't it.

So again they wouldn't let him or my ChocoMyvi go, hinting every now and then for a bribe.

By now it has been over an hour and seeing my baby was rushing back (to see me for dinner), they took the advantage of a "rushed-looking victim" in hope that he'd give up and give in to bribery so he could leave soon.

Well as I said, this was not the first time either of us experienced encountering corrupted policeforce in Malaysia, to hell we would give in to bribery. So my baby stood and fought to the end.

By now, they have taken his IC (ID Card) and his driving license and withheld him for more than an hour and half.

Day was getting dark. And they (police) still showed no signs of surrender, and everyone was getting anxious.

Words were used and tempers rising.

Finally, my baby told them off by saying something along the lines of: "do you know I can sue you for slandering and false accusation?"

This heated those police heads alright, and also their lights.

Without hesitation, they jumped at the opportunity and accused him for being rude to a police and for disrupting the authority from carrying out their duties; aka, for assaulting the police.


With that, they concluded that was no bribery gain out from this chap and swiftly pen out a ticket with assault to police, disrupting police from carrying his duty, and for drunk driving, totalling up to RM1000 of ticket fine, and handed it with the driving license and IC back to my baby.

To which my baby threw it back at them and drove off. *YES!*

So yes Happy New Year Malaysia, this is the reason you're suffering from brain drain and that every single capable citizen is trying to getta hell of your country, including me, and never return.

If we can't even depend on our law protectors to protect us and our money or our rights, who else can we depend on? The government? OMG I could be a stand up comedian, buahahaha.

Our government... yea right.

*peace out* not

ps// do not worry too much about the (very real and very official) RM1000 ticket fine, we're be sorting that out in court at the end of this month with a friend lawyer (thanks Alex) who said it shouldn't really be a real case.

pps// I'm not really worried about it to be honest, but it's just something I found amusing and yet saddening, definitely preposterous case which I might as well share since I'm not really in an energetic mood to write about my travel post.

Time for bed. Night all.


18 kissed Nicole

  1. Omg! I feel so angry just reading it! All the best in court, you guys. Hopefully he got their names down as well so he can file a complaint against them. Grr!

  2. wtF?? That's why we need FBI in Malaysia. We can never trust these corrupted shitheads.

  3. I dont salute policeman, not all but most of them... I remember once my sis was caught talking on the handphone while driving, the policeman stop her by roadside..

    When my sis demand for a summon, the police reluctant.. When my sis try to bribe him with rm30 (that was what left in her wallet), he replied sarcastically "YOU bring only rm30 out from home? I dont believe. In front got MBB ATM, go there and withdraw money" he wait there and reluctant to give summon no matter what. It makes my sis scare and eventually paid rm50, then only let her go.

    So, how to salute policeman?

    A year ago, i had made a report before on behalf of someone. policewoman(frontliner based at police station) ask what is the meaning of beautician? how to spell beautician? what is chevrolet ? how to spell? getting fedup because a lot of words she doesnt understand, then she ask " Do you know how to write report? Okie, i give u the keyboard, and turn the monitor facing you, pls wirte the report...!!!!!!!

  4. Arghh!!! Hate those police!!

    Which is true what you said! Our government are hopeless!!!!

    You know Nicole,

    Last month my BF got a summon too! He was using his HP while driving. Yeap! Its wrong and we know that!

    He got stopped by a police and of course the police wanted bribe! My bf told him off and he gave him a summon but there was no amount on the summon, funny thing is that when we went to pay for it, the summon totalled up to RM200 (and that amount is after discount according to the counter girl)!!!

    We felt we got cheated! Will there ever be a way to eliminate these blood money suckers?

    Ishh!! I hate them!!

  5. Luckily you have a lawyer friend who will help you out.. =)

  6. What a shame! Shame on the Polis, they've forget their responsibility.

  7. I am from Singapore and seriously it makes my blood boil whenever i see a roadblock cause all these policemen will see $$ when they see the Singapore Car Plate!

    Without fail we will always get pulled over and They only wave us away when they see my dad's malaysia IC!

    CNY is coming and I think the police will be up-ing the number of road blocks to do their duty of "promoting road safety with $$"

    Damn screwed up! No wonder people rather go to Thailand that Malaysia anytime!

  8. THe real solution to it is to LEAVE MALAYSIA! totally agree with you with that one

  9. It's quite common that the bribery culture among the police squat eventhough they wear the "Anti-Rasuah" tag sign which is useless. For me, I will copy down the tag number of the involved policemen and report to the police station for false accusation & bribery action.

    This is so called Anti-Rasuah programme. I think it's not working at all. Plus, money wastage.

  10. What your Bf should do is to accept the saman and not signing it ( signing means I mengaku salah ) , then drive to goverment hospital and take a blood test ( if he is charged with drunk driving ) the test report would be a very good evidence in court. Then alternatively you can take the case to MAAC and Bukit Aman PTT ( Disciplinary Board ).

    * I was part of the force before for 6 years **

  11. PDRM has a site to lodge a complaint at


    You could try using it

  12. It happened to me too many years ago. Got stopped at a roadblock outside Uptown Damansara slightly pass midnight. Accused of drunk driving. Too a breathalyzer test that turned out positive. All i did was meet up with some friends at the foodcourt there for Naan ! My last words to the police was "I don't drink unless you're referring to coffee !" and drove off. Too much !!!

  13. I've met with few policemen who asked for bribery but different situation. This is the reason why I don't trust our police.

  14. very sad but this has been going on for many many years already.. corruption is everywhere in this country.. and when we fight back, we might end up like this guy


    the thing we should plan now is to turn the table around..

  15. oh so sad and so true. I have many friends now here in the US from SING/MA and the ones from Malaysia detest the idea of having to return. Thus marriages happen and next thing you know, bam, release of Malay citizenship to become Canadian or American. I let my wife handle all the business when we do come to Malaysia though. I love watching the face of the cabbies as they negotiated a set price for a trip then see me, a white guy step into the picture. Yea!

  16. I remembered I didn't drink a drop of alcoholic drink. I was stopped for speeding, so they also did the breath test and the breath analyzer come up positive. I insist I didn't have drop of drink, and told them they can book me for speeding but drinking is a definitely no. Then they let me go after they stopped another driver that is very obviously drunk lol.

  17. Yeah, you go and beat them in court!

  18. Register to vote and vote for PAS, DAP or PKR (Pakatan Rakyat)

    Fuck BN.