Back and Alive, Sorta

I can finally blog on computers again!!!

Well my laptop is still dead, no thanks to the holidays and Sony doesn't really have really good customer service, I have to bring my sodden laptop into a service centre today.


So now I'm working on a temporary HP desktop which I obtained from the office.

So at least I can do some work.

Ahh.. feels so weird to be away from a computer for so long, it's been over a week!

It's one thing to be away from blogging, and I haven't exactly been away from Twitter and Facebook since I can access those all the time from my Iphone, love you Iphone. xoxo.

But to be away from a computer, I felt like I've been amputated for a week!

I can't even log in to type with all 10 of my fingers! Or google something with a mouse. Or even write an article at top speed.

So anyway, my new resolution for 2011.

First off, 5 kg off my body. Tqvm. I've been doing this very well in year 2010, thanks to good walking in Beijing and Taiwan, and thanks to all those Marie France treatments, but of course one is never fully satisfied so I've decided another 5kg will just do the trick. Off with those fats!

Secondly, perhaps I'll start blogging a bit more. I sorta stopped being a professional blogger for a while now, and with that I stopped blogging frequently too, and I have to tell you, it feels great! Of course I miss all those perks but nothing beats having a bit of stability and to get the pressure of blogging every other day off my shoulder.

What fun is to blogging if you feel oblidged to blog all the time? It takes the fun and the passion away. Urgh. Perhaps I'll only write things that will make me happy for now.

I still have a lot of travellings to write about. So stay tune.

I don't have a lot of resolutions as I don't really believe it making them. Perhaps staying happy and learning to mature would be my ultimate goal this year. Stop being so depressed all the time already! I seem to gain more sincere friends around last year and I want to keep it that way.

Anyway more talk about this another time. It's raining cats and dogs here, I could resume to my work. Writing writing writing... And editing.



4 kissed Nicole

  1. You'll still be blogging. Yeah!!!

  2. i saw you having dim sum with your parents on Sunday. You really lost a lot of weight!

  3. josze: o tqtq. shy shy. hehehe.

  4. I miss your travel posts :)